William Rose of Kingston Jamaica

???? - 1840

Claimant or beneficiary


'William Rose' appears as owner in the compensation records in several awards in Clarendon, St Andrew, Port Royal St George and Westmoreland. It is not yet clear whether these were one or two or more individuals. The claim for St Andrew No. 317 (Rose Hill and Content) shows William Rose of St Andrew as mortgagee and William Rose as owner, implying two separate individuals.

  1. Will of William Rose [at present] of Kingston, Surrey Jamaica proved 19/08/1840. The will offers no clues to his ownership of estates or previously of people. He left £1500 for a natural child Elizabeth Rose born in Jamaica 09/11/1829, and requested that Thomas Hatton jun. and his sister Louisa Rose of Clifton place her in the Moravian Establishment at Fairfield in Liverpool. He also left £1500 for the unborn child of Margaret Stamp in Kingston. His residuary heirs were his sisters Charlotte and Louisa Rose of Clifton.

  2. The William Rose of Kingston Surrey whose will was proved in 1840 was almost certainly the son of Rev. William Rose, rector of Carshalton and of Beckenham, and Elizabeth Dorothy or Dorothea, the daughter of Joseph Foster Barham I (q.v.). There is a monument to Rev. William Rose (d. 1829) in All Saints Carshalton in Surrey. The will of Rev. William Rose of Beckenham proved 02/05/1829 makes no reference to a son William but identifies his surviving daughters as Charlotte and Louisa Jane. The will of Louisa Jane Rose of Clifton was in turn proved 16/09/1872, effects £12,000.


T71/865: claim from Wm. Rose, of St Andrew, as mortgagee; and from Wm. Rose, as owner in fee.

  1. PROB 11/1933/13

  2. PROB 11/1756/102

Associated Claims (2)

£2,443 6s 5d
£166 1s 8d

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Relationships (2)

Grandson → Grandfather
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This is an inferred relationship. Joseph Foster Barham's daughter married Rev. William Rose of Carshalton and...
Son → Father
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Inferred relationship. Rev. William Rose's will makes no mention of a son named Williams but Burke's Commoners (1838) Vol. IV shows William Rose in the West Indies as the son of Rev. William Rose,...