Stephen Cave

1763 - 1838

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Son of John Cave I (1736-1800) and Susanna Cox. Brother of Susanna Cave (m. Thomas Daniel I) and John Cave of Brentry. Stephen Cave's grandsons (through Daniel Cave) include the banker Sir Charles Daniel Cave 1st bart. (1832-1922), and lawyer and politician Rt Hon Sir Stephen Cave (possibly the Stephen Cave who as Chairman of the West India Planters and Merchants signed a condolence to Queen Victoria on the death of Prince Albert). Born 08/03/1763; married Ann Daniel. The death of a Stephen Cave was registered at Keynsham Q1 1838.

  2. Described as 'merchant' in his counterclaim (withdrawn) in St Thomas-in-the-East Claim No. 517. Appears in Clarendon claim no. 235 and St Ann claim no. 59 as the assignee of Arthur Foulks' mortgage from Philip and George Protheroe.  Possibly the partner in the Bristol drysalters and oil and colourmen firm which dissolved in 1806 with the retirement of Stephen Cave, the business carried on by John Cave and Laurence Prust.


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  2. London Gazette, Issue 15953, 12/09/1806, p. 1164.

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Further Information

Anne Daniel
Charles, Daniel (1789-1872), George, Harriet

Associated Claims (3)

£3,679 10s 7d
£1,204 11s 5d
Awardee (Assignee)
£8,911 2s 10d
Unsuccessful claimant (Judgement creditor)

Associated Estates (2)

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02/11/1826 [SD] - 1835 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

T71/859: claim by Arthur Foulks. Counterclaim by Stephen Cave, 'mortgagee in fee under the following deeds dated 21 July 1826 mortgage in fee Arthur Foulks to Philip & George Protheroe 2 Nov. 1826 transfer thereof by Philip & George Protheroe to Stephen Cave for £24,206 14s due 30 April 1835.' Foulks admitted the counterclaim.

1835 [EA] - → Mortgage Holder

Legacies Summary

Commercial (1)

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According to C. H. Cave, Cave was a partner in the Bristol banking firm of Ames, Cave &...

Relationships (4)

Son → Father
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TD's sister Anne, married Stephen Cave; SC's sister Susanna married...
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JD's sister Anne married Stephen...

Addresses (1)

Cleve Hill House, Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England
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The Cave family continued to own and occupy the house until 1905. Used as a hospital during the First World War the house and estate were broken up in 1920. See Cleve Hill House: Bristol and Avon Archaeological Society.