Archibald Stirling the younger

2nd Aug 1769 - 1847

Claimant or beneficiary


Archibald Stirling of Keir (1769-1847), brother of Charles (d. 1830, q.v. under 'Charles Stirling of Cadder') and James (d. 1831), awarded all or part of the compensation for the enslaved people on Hampden in St James, Frontier in St Mary, Kerr or Keir Settlement in Trelawny and Grange Hill in Westmoreland, all in Jamaica. Executor of his brother Charles who was a partner in Stirling Gordon (q.v.), but not himself a partner in the firm.  Guthrie Smith says 'He never was, properly speaking, a merchant.' Spent 20 years in Jamaica on his estates. Inherited Frontier estate from his uncle Archibald Stirling the elder in 1783.

  1. Said also to be the brother of a director of Scottish Missionary Society, William Stirling (q.v.) who himself owned slaves on Content, but this appears inaccurate. William was a distant cousin, although a partner with Archibald's brother Charles in Stirling Gordon.

  2. Edward Stirling (1804-1873), the father of Sir John Lancelot Stirling and Sir Edward Charles Stirling, and himself a significant figure in the development of South Australia after his arrival there in 1839, has been identified as the son of Archibald Stirling of Keir with a creole woman of colour, possibly called Jeanne. According to this source, Archibald Stirling had nine children, 6 illegitimately (William, Edward, Henry, Mary, Ann, Helen) and 3 with Elizabeth Maxwell. Correspondence from Edward Stirling in Australia to his father Archibald Stirling of Keir, including acknowledgement in 1838 of the receipt by Edward Stirling of £1000 from Archibald on the eve of the former's departure to Australia as an acceleration of a planned legacy, is held at Glasgow City Archives.


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Further Information

Elizabeth Maxwell
With Elizabeth Maxwell: Sir William Stirling Maxwell; Hannah Anne; Elizabeth. Six other children outside wedlock.

Associated Claims (5)

£3,944 0s 0d
£314 9s 1d
£5,705 3s 2d
£2,198 9s 0d
£356 12s 0d

Associated Estates (6)

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  • LA - Latest Known Association
1783 [SY] - 1839 [LA] → Owner
18/04/1809 [SD] - 1832 [LA] → Owner

Conveyance produced of 10 enslaved persons and their issue from John Falconer to Archibald Stirling, dated 18/04/1809.

1809 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner
1817 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Owner
1810 [EA] - 1839 [LA] → Owner
1820 [EA] - 1839 [LA] → Owner

Legacies Summary

Imperial (1)

Australia: South Australia 
notes →
Natural father of Edward Stirling (q.v.); sent £1000 to his son as an early legacy on the eve of his son's departure for Australia in...

Physical (1)

Country house
Keir House 
description →
In 1846, Keir House was described as a 'spacious and handsome mansion, to which two wings have been added in the past twenty years', presumably by Archibald Stirling [junior] whose seat it then was,...

Relationships (11)

Father → Natural Son
Nephew → Uncle
Nephew → Uncle
Nephew → Uncle
Brother → Sister
Brother → Sister
Son → Father

Addresses (4)

Cadder, Dunbartonshire, Central Scotland, Scotland
24 Drummond Place, Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland
Cawder House, Glasgow (near), Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, Scotland
Keir House, Perthshire, North-east Scotland, Scotland