George Hibbert Oates

31st Aug 1791 - 11th Apr 1837

Claimant or beneficiary


Son of George William Oates (1757-1797) and Mary Hibbert (1761-1845), born Leeds, Yorkshire 1791. His mother was daughter of Robert Hibbert (1717-1784) and Abigail Scholey (1723-1795). In 1824 he was subject to a stinging critique by the missionary Thomas Cooper who published details of his scandalous behaviour whilst in Jamaica during a heated exchange with Robert Hibbert Junior (q.v.) over conditions in Jamaica. Cooper revealed that Oates had been living in 'a state of illicit intercourse' on Georgia estate with a 16 year old quadroon girl, who was pregnant with his child. George Hibbert Oates died at his residence Lucea, Jamaica, at which point his mother was living at Sion Hill, Bath. Three of his siblings survived infancy, with two brothers Hibbert Oates and Robert Oates also dying in Jamaica. His sister Anna Maria Oates died in Bath aged 79, 1870, leaving £20,000.

  1. Will of George Hibbert Oates planter of Jamaica proved 04/11/1837. In the will he left his mother Mary an annuity of £100 p.a. and his sister Anna Maria £2000; both women were of Bath. He left his brother Hibbert Oates £2000. He left £100 currency each to his three 'reputed' children Jane Oates 'formerly a slave on Whitney; George Thomas Oates formerly a slave on Hals Hall; and Mary Oates a free girl of colour formerly a slave on Georgia estate. He left land to Elizabeth Williams formerly a slave on Great valley estate and her 'mulatto child' (his reputed daughter) Anna Maria.

  2. A memorial inscription to George Hibbert Oates, born 31/08/1791, died 11/04/1837 exists in St Mary's, Lucea.


Thomas Cooper, Letter to Robert Hibbert, Jun. Esq., in Reply to His Pamphlet, Entitled, "Facts Verified Upon Oath, in Contradiction of the Report of the Rev. Thomas Cooper, Concerning the General Condition of the Slaves in Jamaica," &c. &c: To which are Added, a Letter from Mrs. Cooper to R. Hibbert, Jun. Esq., and an Appendix Containing an Exposure of the Falsehoods and Calumnies of that Gentleman's Affidavit-men (London, 1824). Available through Googlebooks:; Kate Donington, 'Transforming Capital', in Catherine Hall, Keith McClelland, Nick Draper, Kate Donington & Rachel Lang, Legacies of British Slave-ownership (Cambridge, 2014), p. 228; England, Births & Baptisms 1538-1975, available through; Gye's Bath Directory, corrected to January 1819; Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser, 17/06/1837.

  1. PROB 11/1886/418.

  2. ID 125249493.

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George H. Oates

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