Benjamin McMahon

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Left Ireland in 1818 as a volunteer in the Columbian army and saw action in the island of Margueritta, just off modern-day Venuzuela. Moved to Jamaica and worked as a book-keeper and overseer on several estates before writing A Description of Jamaica Planters in 1838, a damning account of the Jamaican slavery, outlining the inhumane treatment of enslaved people and the corruption of white society.


Benjamin M'Mahon,Jamaica Plantership (1838).

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1819 [SY] - → Book-keeper

For 18 months in the early- to mid-1820s.

1823 [EA] - → Book-keeper
1823 [EA] - → Book-keeper


1822 [SY] - → Book-keeper
1830 [SY] - 1831 [EY] → Overseer

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Jamaica... 1838