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John Osborn the younger and his wife Alicia of 24 Bryanston Street Portman Square [London] counterclaimed unsuccessfully for compensation on Orange estate in Antigua: 'For arrears and interest of an annuity of £100 sterling, secured by Bond and judgement thereon'. This was denied by Kean Brown Osborn, 'there is not anything due to John Osborn the younger on Annuity referred to, nor upon any bond'. John's relationship to Kean has not yet been established. The same couple counterclaimed unsuccessfully for compensation on Tomlinson's estate in Antigua: 'for an annuity of £200 currency per annum secured by a Bond. Amount due £2000 including interest on arrears.'

  1. It seems likely that John and Alicia Osborn are the same couple as the John and Alicia of Great Marylebone Street who had a child, Henry Byam Osborn, baptised 26/03/1831 at Kew, Surrey (the Byams were slave-owners in Antigua - see separate entries for various family members). Possibly also the same John and Alicia whose daughter Anne Louisa Osborn was baptised 15/03/1827 at St Mary, Marylebone, London (parents' abode 9 Hinds Street), and whose son William Lushington Osborn was baptised 29/06/1832 at St George's Church, Ramsgate, Kent.


T71/877 Antigua claim nos. 1 (Orange Valley) and 111 (Tomlinson's).

  1. batch nos. C13286-1, C03524-7 and I00586-1., London, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906 [database online].

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£2,220 8s 11d
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£1,803 0s 8d
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24 Bryanston Street, Portman Square, London, Middlesex, London, England