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Bristol merchant, partner of Benjamin Bickley (q.v.) until 1815: Bickley counterclaimed on an award in Trinidad for Paradise & Cane Farm in the name of the firm. 'Wm Gibbons' appears under a second award as a counterclaimant for the Lodge estate, but it is possible that this is the firm not the man. The Gibbons family has an entry in the ODNB as 'iron masters, colliery proprietors and bankers.'

  1. Although the nexus of connections has not yet been fully unpicked by LBS, it appears that William Gibbons of William Gibbons & Co. was William Gibbons (1782-1848), son of William Gibbons (1732-1807). '1807 After the death at Bristol of his father (William Gibbons), the Bristol house was signed over to his only son, William (1782–1848). At the same time the midland [ironmaking] property was divided between his surviving brothers.' The Bristol merchant house had purchased pig iron for the Midlands businesses and sold manufactures to America.

  2. A lease in 1800 indicates that a William Gibbons of Bristol was active in ironmaking as well as iron mongering in Bristol: 'Description: i) William, Viscount Dudley and Ward ii) Thomas Gibbons of Wolverhampton, Staffs., William Gibbons of the City of Bristol and Benjamin Gibbons of Kingswinford, Staffs., Ironmasters and Copartners Lands and mines near the Level in Kingswinford and Dudley, Staffs. and Worcs., with furnaces, etc. Plan annexed [including sketch of Brierley Hill Chapel]. With exceptions and conditions. Consideration: surrender of lease 1 Jan 1784 Rent: 47 10s with royalties (specified) Signed, sealed and witnessed. Endorsed: 'Box 20/1''. This must have been William Gibbons (1732-1807).


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