Matthew Christian

???? - 1778

Claimant or beneficiary


Son of Robert Christian, brother of Margaret Gunthorpe nee Christian and brother-in-law of William Gunthorpe. Owner of several estates and the enslaved people on them in Antigua in 1775: Biffins or Bevans (200 acres), Red Hill (400 acres), Elmes (158 acres) and Windward (180 acres). Died in London, 1778. Compensation for the enslaved people on Elmes estate was awarded to James Newman, of St Helens Place, London, merchant, sole executor of Justinian Casamajor, 'who was survivng trustee of a Term of 500 years for securing several annuities - for arrears of subsisting and determined annuities £1663 7s 3d And annuities now subsisting which together with the factorage now amount to £387 3s 9d per annum'. The annuitants still living were Sarah Daniell £125 p.a.; Mark Noble Daniell £68 15s; Rebecca Coxen £62 10s; Mary & James Smith £50 p.a.; George Hooper £62 10s (all q.v.).

  1. "Pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Chancery, in England, made on the petition of Margaret Gunthorpe, Widow, and others, in a cause of Francis Martin and others against Daniel Hobson and others, the persons claiming to be next of kin according to the statutes for the distribution of intestates estates of Matthew Christian, late of the Island of Antigua, Merchant, who died a bachelor and intestate in the month of August, 1778, or to be the legal personal representative of such of the said next of kin as are now dead are, by their Solicitors, on or before the 12th day of November, 1870, to come in and prove their claims... The said Matthew Christian was a son of Robert Christian (who died in Antigua aforesaid in 1776) and Mary his wife (who also as is alleged died in Antigua aforesaid in 1781). The said Matthew Christian is supposed to have left Antigua about the year 1777, and came to London, and it is believed that in the year 1778 he was living in Southampton-street, Strand, in the city of Westminster, where he died. The said Matthew Christian had a brother John, who is stated to have died in Antigua shortly before the year 1777, and a sister Margaret, who was married to William Gunthorpe, of Antigua aforesaid, and died in 1817. Dated this 1st day of August, 1870."


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 275 (Elmes). T71/1220 and T71/1221.

Langford Vere Oliver, History of the Island of Antigua (London, Mitchell and Hughes, 1894) Vol. 3 pp. 384, 390, 392, which gives him as 'Mathew'.

  1. London Gazette Issue 23640, 05/08/1870, p. 3671.

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£1,500 11s 2d
Beneficiary deceased

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Southampton Street, Strand, London, Middlesex, London, England