Daniel Hill the elder

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Deceased by 1834, the executors of Daniel Hill the elder, William Lee and George Wickham Washington Ledeatt (both q.v.), counterclaimed for various estates in Antigua owned by Vice Admiral John Richard Delap Tollemache (q.v.) but agreed to withdraw the counterclaims. This was probably the Daniel Hill who died in 1808, father of Daniel Hill the younger (q.v.), although to date no probate or will has been found for the elder man. There is some potential confusion in that Lee and Ledeatt were also described in the Register of Claims as executors of James Hill.


T71/877 Antigua claim nos. 39 (Wetherill's), 40 (Boons), 58 (Glanville's Estate), 82 (Delap's Estate), 83 (Lucas's Estate) and 123 (Gamble's Estate, St Johns).

Additional T71/877 p. 24: for Antigua claim nos. 39, 40, 58, 82, 83 123: 13/7/1839: In these numbers a deed was produced dated 11/9/1838 and made between John Tollemache, sole executor of John Richard Delap Tollemache decd. and George Wickham Washington Ledeatt and Wm Lee, executors of Daniel Hill the elder of Antigua in which sd G.W.W. Ledeatt and Wm Lee consent to the withdrawal of all their counterclaims filed against these numbers.'

This most likely relates to Privy Council case number: 1792_618, judgement dated 1839, between John Tollemache sole Executor of John Richard Delap Tollemache deceased; George Wickham Washington Ledeatt & William Lee; http://www.privycouncilpapers.org/privy-council-papers/374 [accessed 19/08/2013].

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£1,996 4s 5d
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£1,437 4s 1d
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£1,794 5s 4d
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£3,952 18s 11d
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£1,665 3s 7d
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£1,823 6s 3d
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