Arnold Nesbitt

???? - 1779


Major Irish merchant in London, who diversified into government contracting and trading with Grenada in partnership with Sir George Colebrooke. The pair faced financial reverses in the 1770s. Previous co-owner of Nesbitt Estate in Grenada and of one-third of the Duckenfield estate in Jamaica; his executor was his nephew John Nesbitt [I] (q.v). Formerly of Grafton Street, London. His interests in Mt Nesbitt and Duckenfield were put up for sale in London in 1791, together with real estate in England, arising from the Chancery case of Scott v Nesbitt.


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Vere Langford Oliver, Caribbeana being miscellaneous papers relating to the history, genealogy, topography, and antiquities of the British West Indies (6 vols., London, Mitchell, Hughes and Clarke, 1910-1919), Vol. 4 pp. 331-333; London Gazette 13322 02/05/1791 p. 389.

Further Information

2 natural sons: Colebrooke and Arthur Nesbitt. 1 natural daughter: Elizabeth Moore

Arnold Nesbitt of Grafton Street, St. Geo. Hannover Sq., Esq. Will dated 14 March 1779. To my wife Susanna a yearly rent charge of £1000 charged on my manors, plantations in G.B, Ireld, Jamaica and the Grenades. £200 a year was settled on her by the will of her father. All my lands to Henry Thrale of Southward, Esq., and Jeremiah Sneyd of Cleveland Row, St James’s, Esq., for 99 years upon Trust to see the annuity paid, and subject thereto all my lands to Henry Thrale and Bateman Robson of Linc. Inn, gent., to the use of my first son and his heirs male, remainder to any dau. and in default of such issue as to my real estate in G.B. and Ireland to the use of my nephew John Nesbitt. I give my moity of that est. I have lately purchased with Sir Geo. Colebrooke, Bt, in the Grenada Islands to T. to the use of my natural son Colebrooke Nesbitt and his heirs male, remainder to my nephew John N. My one-third of my Duckenfield Est. in Jamaica for my natural son Arnold N., brother of Colebrooke N., and his heirs male, etc. To my wife £200, furniture, plate, jewells, for her life. To each child of my sister Margaret Burrows £100 and to each clerk in my compting house £50, and Mr Rd Newby £300. My wife to give up al claims under an Ind’re tripartite dated 24 Nov. 1758, being a settlement previous to our marriage. If I shd leave a son, then to my nat. sons £50 apiece. To my natural dau., who now lives at Hackney, called Eliz. Moore, £1000, and the French annuities in Aldermanbury for one year. To my sister Rachael, N £100 and £50 a year. H. Thrale £100 for a ring. J. Sneyd £100. B. Robson £300. All residue of personal est. to T. for any child, then for sd nephew and my 2 nat. sons and their children. My nephew and H. Thrale and B. Robson, Ex’ors. Sworn 8 Dec. 1779. Proved 17 April 1779 by all three Ex’ors. Source: Caribbeana Vol. 4 p. 333


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£3,201 2s 4d
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- 1779 [EY] → Joint owner
1787 [EA] - 1787 [LA] → Assignee

In 1787 Nesbitts & Stewart were assigned the island of Mustique held in fee simple by Alexander Campbell, and guaranteed 150 hogsheads of muscavado sugar p.a. to secure and service their debt of £9116 8s 2d from Alexander Campbell.

- 1779 [EY] → Joint owner

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Mitchell Cornwall
1753 - 1754
election →
Winchelsea Sussex
1754 - 1761
election →
Cricklade Wiltshire
1761 - 1768
election →
Winchelsea Sussex
1770 - 1774
election →
Cricklade Wiltshire
1774 - 1779

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LBS has not yet confirmed the relationship between Arnold Nesbitt and the Countess of Macclesfield, possibly his...
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Grafton Street, London, Middlesex, London, England