Drewry Ottley of St Marylebone

1740 - 1822


Drewry Ottley of St Marylebone, son of William Ottley (d. 1774) and brother of Martha Fleming Ottley (q.v.), Sarah Willett Hooker and William Ottley of St Kitts (whose will was proved 1815).

  1. Will of Drewry Ottley of Bryanston Street Marylebone (made in 1817) proved 13/04/1822. This man was Drewry Ottley Esq. of St Marylebone, who was buried aged 82 at St Martin-in-the-fields 10/04/1822. His will identifies his sisters as Martha Fleming Ottley (q.v.) and Elizabeth. He refers to 'my merchants Messieurs Nathaniel Harden & Son', implying that he was consigning produce, and left in trust for the benefit of his sisters the enslaved people 'in and around' the estates of Palmetto Point and Cayon in St Kitts, in which his sisters would gain a life-interest under the will of their father William Ottley if they survived Drewry Ottley the testator. He made a number of monetary bequests of £25-£50 to family members.

  2. A Drewry Ottley was the original purchaser of land in Tobago, buying (as 'Drury Ottley') on 12/05/1766 Sandy Bay division (St Patrick parish) Lot no. 5 which (with Lot no. 3, originally purchased by Wm. Bartlet) became the Orange Valley estate. His identity has not yet been fully confirmed. There was a second Drewry Ottley, of St Vincent West Indies, whose will was proved 27/08/1807. A genealogical website posting by Nevilla E. Ottley, which gives details of the children of Ottley males with enslaved women and free women of colour, shows Drewry Ottley (1754-1805) President of the Council and Chief Justice of St Vincent as the son of Richard Ottley (q.v.). If the life-dates are correct, then this Drewry Ottley (1754-1805) could not be the same man as the purchaser of land in Tobago in 1766. A third Drewry Ottley 'of Bedford Row' whose daughter Grace married Sir William Burnaby was the Drewry Ottley of Saint Andrew Holborn whose will was proved 25/11/1760, and was the same man as Drewry Ottley, 'of St Kitts', the grand-father of Martha Fleming Ottley (q.v.) and great-grandfather of Charles Wollaston (also q.v.). A fourth Drewry Ottley, the grandson of Drewry Ottley of St Kitts was buried at St Mary Teddington 24/09/1794 aged 58 and might also be the Tobago land-purchaser.

  3. Vere Langford Oliver provides details of the man in this entry as Drewry Ottley of Bryanston Street, and identifies six further Drewry Ottleys, in 4 successive generations: (1) Drewry Ottley the first, Treasurer of St Christophers, will dated 1759 buried St Martin-in-the-Fields; (2) son Drewry Ottley the second, m 1733, d. 1751; (3) grandson Drewry Ottley the third, son of Drewry Ottley the second, succeeded his grandfather, d. 1794 at Teddington; (4) Drewry Ottley the fourth, reportedly named in the will of his great-grandfather (this fourth has yet to be identified and appears to have predeceased his father); (5) Drewry Ottley 1755-1805, President and Chief Justice of St Vincent (son of Richard Ottley d. 1775); and Drewry Ottley of Bedford Place born 1803, the son of Drewry Ottley 1755-1805). The man in this entry, Drewry Ottley of Bryanston Street, was the grandson of Drewry Ottley of St Kitts (d. 1759/60), nephew of Drewry Ottley (d. 1751) and first cousin of Drewry Ottley (d. 1794).


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12/05/1766 [SD] - → Joint owner

'Drury Ottley' was the original purchaser on 12/05/1766 of Sandy Bay division (St Patrick parish) Lot no. 5, which together with Lot no. 3 (purchased by Wm Bartlet 19/03/1767) formed the Orange Valley estate. By c. 1773 the two Lots were held by 'Willcok and Crosier'.

NB: this is a tentative identification only. There was another Drewry Ottley who died at Teddington in 1794 aged 58 who might have been the Tobago purchaser, rather than Drewry Ottley of Marylebone.

1775 [SY] - 1822 [EY] → Tenant-for-life
1815 [SY] - 1822 [EY] → Tenant-for-life

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