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Son of Hon. Henry Sharpe of St Kitts [in some sources shown as George Henry Sharpe] and Janet or Jannatt Payne, and grandson of Sir Charles Payne 1st bart. of St Kitts. Original grantee (as Charles Payne Sharp) in Tobago 16/05/1766 of Barbados Bay division Lots nos. 28 (300 acres) and 29 (200 acres), which became the Widow's Lot in St George parish, an estate that has yet to be traced in the compensation records and might have ceased to exist by 1832; he was also the Sharpe shown as the original purchaser of Lot No. 108 in St Vincent (276 acres, later Camden Park) and possibly also the Sharpe shown as original purchaser of Lot No. 40, 74 acres, later part of Bostock Park). Lot No. 18, 42 acres, later Sharpe's also purchased by 'Sharpe', was probably purchased by Edward Estridge Sharpe and later sold to George Sharpe, who built up before 1776 the estate in St David St Vincent known as Sharpe's.

  1. Charles Payne Sharpe late of St Vincent's but now of Bloomsbury Square was party with his wife Paulina Joddrell [or Jodrell] Sharpe to an indenture dated 14/03/1770 with William Wood and John Trevanion of London and George Hooper of Rotherhithe whereby Sharpe, having borrowed £5000 from Wood and Trevanion and secured it on the estates, conveyed his Camden Park and Ladoux estates in St Vincent to Hooper in exchange for Hooper repaying the debt, unless he repaid Hooper before 14/03/1771.

  2. Charles Payne Sharpe's wife, Paulina Jodrell Home (b. 1741), was the daughter of Edward Horne of Antigua, later Attorney-General of Grenada.

  3. To date no will has been traced for Charles Payne Sharpe. Genealogical material online associates him with the Charles Sharpe of St George Hanover Square buried 30/05/1797 at St Mary Paddington Green; other such sources show him dying before 1782 when a villa at Brachwood [or Breachwood] in Kings Walden Hertfordshire, his address c. 1775, was put up for sale.


Caribbeana Vol. 6 pp. 81-84 'Sharpe of St Vincent from St Kitts' gives a family tree, and shows Sir Charles Payne's will of 03/06/1743, leaving £500 to his daughter Jannatt Sharp [sic] and £1000 to his grandson Charles Payne Sharp [sic] [sourced to St Kitts Records no. 3403]; 'Tables showing the Lots in each Parish, numbered as originally granted - the original Grantee - the name of the Lot, or lots, if one has been acquired, and the present Possessor where there is one' and 'A Table, showing the Estates in cultivation in 1832, and their Owners, in 1832, copied from the list appended to Byres' map of that date, with those in cultivation in 1862', Henry Iles Woodcock, A History of Tobago (Ayr: Smith and Grant, 1867; new impression London: Frank Cass and Company Limited, 1971); Charles Shephard, History of the island of St Vincent Appendix XX, following John Byres' Plan of 1776.

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Paulina Jodrell Home

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Bloomsbury Square, London, Middlesex, London, England
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At Bloomsbury Square in 1770 when he and his wife executed an indenture conveying his estates on St Vincent.