Roderick Williamson

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Partner with Alexander Bartlet and George Campbell, original grantee of Queens Bay (St Paul parish) Lots no. 41 and 42 on 15/05/1771: these lots were shown c. 1773 as 'Campbell and Williamson'. The owners of Queens Bay (St Paul parish) no. 17, which had been purchased by Jas. and Duncan Campbell, were also shown c. 1773 as 'Campbell and Williamson.'


John Fowler, A summary account of the present flourishing state of the respectable colony of Tobago in the British West Indies illustrated with a map of the island and a plan of its settlement, agreeably to the sales by his Majesty’s CommissionersInternational Social Science Review 79.1 & 2 (2004), pp. 14-26; ibid p. 25 fn 44. Friendsfield [sic], Queens Bay division (i.e. St Paul parish) is reported in fn 44 to have belonged to George Campbell, Alexander Bartlet and Roderick Williamson in 1773. The text gives 'Friendship' rather than 'Friendsfield'.

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Merchant and plantation owner

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Business partners