Johan Jacob Wiehe

24th Jan 1772 - 29th Mar 1832


Merchant in Mauritius. Partner in the firms Saunders, Brothers and Company in London and Saunders and Wiehe in Port Louis, Mauritius. The compensation for ownership of four enslaved people in Mauritius was awarded to the assignees of Saunders and Wiehe.

  1. Partner of William Septimus Saunders (1803-1850) and William's brothers James Fergusson Saunders and Charles William Saunders. James Fergusson Saunders and Charles Alexander Saunders were the subjects of a fiat of bankruptcy in London in 1832.

  2. Probably also the father-in-law of William Septimus Saunders (who married Sophie Antoinette Wiehe, daughter of John James Wiehe of Mauritius in Port Louis, 16/06/1825). Sophie Antoinette Saunders, her mother Madam Wiehe and four of her children were drowned when the Doncaster was shipwrecked off Cape Agulhas, South Africa, in 1836.

  3. An unsourced online family tree gives the place and date of birth of Johan Jacob Wiehe as Copenhagan, Denmark, 24/01/1772, his wife as Louise Adelaide Vigoureux de Kermorvan and names his ten children (including Sophie Antoinette, born 1807 and died in 1836).


T71/902 Mauritius claim no. 1430.

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Further Information

Louise Adelaide Vigoureux de Kermorvan
10 children including Sophie Antoinette (1807-1836)

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£44 14s 11d
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