Robert Kingston

1782 - 1815

Claimant or beneficiary


Brother of Benjamin Kingston (q.v.) and brother-in-law of Edward Egan (also q.v.). The executor of his will was shown as John Kingston of Copthall Chambers in the compensation records. Whether this was the same man as his brother mentioned in the will has yet to be conclusively determined, but is highly likely. Similarly, it is highly probable but not yet demonstrated that the uncle John Kingston of London is the same man as John Kingston MP (q.v.).

  1. Will of Robert Kingston of Demerara West Indies proved 02/01/1816 (dated 22/06/1814). The probate record in Demerara (12/10/1815) shows him as late of of Demerara and Essequibo but last of London, dying in Malvern Worcestershire in July last past, i.e. 1815. The will recites his birth in Kings County Ireland 04/11/1782, and beseeches God for forgiveness for his 'many sins.' He bequeathed his half share of Pln Clairmont in Leguan to his brother Benj. 'present residing in this colony', 'he paying to my executors £8000 in 8 years with interest the amount due me by said estate over and above the advances made by my uncle John Kingston Esq. of London I give up to him with a further sum of two thousand pounds sterling to be paid by my executors.' He left one thousand pounds to each of his children by Ann Marryat 'say John Joseph and one yet to be born.' He regarded his mother as well provided for after his father died intestate, but if not his residuary legatees his brother and sister John Kingston and Alice (also given as Ellice) Egan should provide interest to her from the money they had inherited under the will. He also left £2000 to Martha Jones daughter of William Jones for the love and affection I have for her, and £100 to his housekeeper Ann Marryat. Executors in the colony were Benjamin Kingston, John Kingston and Andrew Mills and in Britain Edward Egan my brother-in-law and Daniel Telford, Cottage Westmeath.


  1. PROB 11/1576/10

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£7,632 8s 3d
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