John McCamon

???? - 1818


Nephew and co-heir of Lambert Blair (q.v), under whose will he received £10,000 and half of Lambert Blair's estates, with the proviso that if McCamon died without issue his half-share in the estates would pass to his cousin and Lambert Blair's other nephew and co-heir James Blair (q.v.).

  1. Will of John McCamon late of the colony of Berbice but now of Gloucester Place Middlesex proved 23/05/1818. Under the will he left £2500 each to the daughters of his uncle John Blair (Eliza Blair, Ann Johnstone the wife of James Johnstone Esq. and Charlotte Blair); £1000 to the wife of his uncle James Blair; £3000 to his father's half sister Mrs Campbell of Newry and her daughters; £1000 to each of Isabella Maitland now or late of Newry and her two sisters; £500 to George Watson the manager of his estate called Courtland in Berbice and £500 to the overseer on the estate; £300 to Louisa who for several years had been his 'housekeeper', as well as his house in Berbice and an annuity of £60 p.a. He freed 'two boys' 'belonging' to his estate, Colin and Tom [Sam?] and left them an annuity of £60 p.a. each. He left his estates of Courtland situate on the Corrantyne coast, Merville situate on the west coast and Plantation No. 40 on the east coast canal to his cousin James Blair.

  2. There is reported to be a monument to John McCamon dated 1818 in St Marylebone parish church.


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