Eliza Mary Tharp (née Harding)

???? - 21st Oct 1831


  1. Daughter of Benjamin Harding of Hacton House, Essex, and Blue Hole, Jamaica. Baptised 20/11/1755 in Croydon, Surrey. Described as of Hornchurch, Essex, spinster, a minor, when she married John Tharp [V] of St Andrew Holborn, 30/06/1774. Her husband, John Tharp V, inherited half of Green Pond in Jamaica from his father John Tharp III, of Green Pond. Eliza Mary bequeathed Blue Hole to her nephews Thomas Newman, Benjamin Newman Harding and John Harding. She appears to have inherited a life interest in Green Pond as she is listed as owner of the property in the slave registers from 1817 to 1829; Green Pond was subsequently inherited by her nephew John Tharp VII.

  2. Will dated 03/08/1830. Eliza Mary Tharp of Montego Bay Jamaica. Appointed James Guthrie and my nephews in law John Tharp and Benjamin Haughton Tharp to be executors. Will probated 10/11/1832, effects under £18,000. Includes the following legacies. To John Gay Gridlestone, grandson of my sister Mrs Gay, £300 stock, part of the money that I have in the Public Funds of Great Britain, to be invested by my executors until he reaches age 21. The same to Tharp Mountain Gridlestone, another grandson of my sister Mrs Gay. My executors to vest £5000 stock, another part of my money in the Funds in such manner that my sister Mrs Dallas may receive the interest during her life. Then the said principal sum to her daughter Julia Dallas and Georgiana Dallas thereafter forever. All the remainder in the public funds to my sister Mrs Gay.


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Further Information

Maiden Name
John Tharp III, of Green Pond

Details of will from The Law Journal Reports Vol. 33 pp. 60-61 (1864):

Will dated 03/08/1830, devised "certain real estates in the island of Jamaica" to her executors and assigns for ever, upon trust to manage the estate and pay over the net proceeds to her nephews Thomas Newman, Ben Harding, and John Harding, for their respective lives, share and share alike, and to their respective assigns; and in case of the death of all, any or either of her said nephews, should pay the net proceeds, or their or his share, to the eldest son of her nephews and to the heirs male.

Executors and trustees were James Guthrie, John Tharp and Benjamin Haughton Tharp.

Subsequent legal dispute between Thomas Harding Newman (eldest son of Thomas Newman) and John George Harding (eldest son of John Harding) over the share belonging to Ben Harding (who died without issue).

Wealth at death

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1817 [EA] - 1830 [EY] → Owner

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Hacton House, Hornchurch, Essex, South-east England, England