William Hall of Bath

1749 - 1804


Second son of Thomas Hall (1725-1772). Inherited Worcester sugar estate in St James, Jamaica, under the will of his father. Moved to England with his father by 1758 but returned to Jamaica c. 1772.

Educated at Eton. Of Bath in Somerset when he made his will in 1804. Presumably Worcester had been settled on him under entail by his father, and apparently resettled by him on his son in 1803, as it was not mentioned in the will but was inherited by his son Thomas Dehany Hall (q.v. who was also not mentioned in the will, but who in his own will identified himself as the youngest son of William Hall of Bath) as tenant-in-tail.

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Will of Thomas Hall, PROB 11/982/285. Will of William Hall, PROB 11/1428/194. Hall Family Papers and Sugar Plantation Records, 1709 - 1892, http://libraries.ucsd.edu/speccoll/findingaids/mss0220.html [accessed 13/10/2015].

Further Information

Mary; [With Catherine Jones: William Jones Hall, Catherine Jones Hall]

PROB 11/1428/194 - precis.

William Hall of the City of Bath Esquire.

Payment of just debts and funeral expenses.

To Mrs Catherine Jones, late of St John's near Worcester but now of Bath, £2,000 sterling.

To my brother Thomas Hall of Marylebone, Middlesex and Philip Dehany of Upper Seymour Street, Marylebone, £4,000 in trust to place in securities, to pay the interest to Catherine Jones for her natural life. Thereafter the trustees to transer the £4,000 to William Jones Hall and Catherine Jones Hall, my two children by the said Catherine Jones, equally between them at age 21 or (for daughter) marriage. In default the share to the other one, in default to my daughter Mary Hall of Queen Anne Street West, spinster.

One moity of the residue of my estate to my daughter Mary Hall. The remaining moity in trust for my son William Jones Hall and daughter Catherine Jones Hall at age 21 of (for daughter) marriage.

Executors to be Thomas Hall and Philip Dehany. Executors to be guardians with Catherine Jones.

Signed 24/04/1804.

Proved in London 20/07/1805 by Thomas Hall and Philip Dehany.

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1809 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Previous owner

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Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England