Henry Fisher Bidgood ne Sloane

1788 - 1851


Henry Fisher Sloane (1788-1851) changed his name to Henry Fisher Bidgood before 1823, having married Sarah Porter spinster born Demerara at St George's Hanover Square 06/10/1821, and died 'of Rockbeare Devon' in 1851. He must have been a son of William Sloane of Tobago (q.v.) and Ann Fisher. Charles Bidgood of Rockbeare, whose will was proved 24/11/1813, was the step-father of Henry Fisher Sloane, and requested that his wife's heirs take the name of Bidgood. Sarah Porter, Henry Fisher Bidgood ne Sloane's wife, was probably the daughter of Thomas Porter I of Rockbeare: in the latter's will (proved in 1815) he left £30,000 to each of his dear daughters Sarah, Eliza and Christian.

  1. The enslaved people on John plantation in Demerara were registered to 'H.T. [or F] Sloane' as proprietor. 'H.F. Sloane' was a party in a suit of Beete v Bidgood in Chancery 11/11/1827, after co-signing a promissory note with John Newton to pay Joseph Beete £3968 in 1825 as an installment for the purchase by John Newton of Joseph Beete's moiety of Meten Meer Zorg [sic] for a total consideration of £25,000 (£16,000 of which was to be paid in installments). The account of the case notes 'the defendant Bidgood being formerly called Sloane.'

  2. In his will, proved 18/05/1851, Henry Fisher Bidgood left his estate to his son Charles Harry Bidgood. The specified state comprised English lands, with no mention of property in British Guiana or elsewhere in the Caribbean. When Charles Harry Bidgood died in 1884 he left less than £1000 personalty.


Genealogical sites give 1875 as the date of death but his will was proved 18/08/1851, PROB 11/2137/162; 1851 census online; PROB 11/1549/449.

  1. T71/397; The Law Journal for the Year 1828 Vol. VI (1828) p. 36.

  2. PROB 11/2137/162; National Probate Calendar 1884.

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