James Seton Lane

???? - 1828


  1. Will of James Seton Lane of St Thomas-in-the-Vale, Island of Jamaica, proved 14/5/1829. James Seton Lane's first wife Christian had died 29/9/1808 aged 23. He married Millicent Guy (b. 1788), daughter of J.H. Guy (and sister of Sarah Bariffe, q.v.), at Hayfield 30/9/1809. Millicent Lane was born at Coolshade 3/7/1810 and James Lane at Coolshade 21/10/1811.


  1. PROB 11/1755; 'Monumental Inscriptions of the British West Indies from the earliest date', p. 54 No. 81. Noel B Livingston, Sketch pedigrees of some of the early settlers in Jamaica, compiled from the Records of the Court of Chancery of the Island with a list of the Inhabitants in 1670 and other matter relative to the early History of the same (Kingston, Jamaica, The Educational Supply Company, 1909) p. 138.

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Millicent Guy
Millicent; James

PROB 11/1755/450 - precis.

James Seton Lane of the parish of St Thomas in the Vale, island of Jamaica.

To my beloved wife Millicent Lane and my friends Francis Smith, John Alves, John Gale Vidal and William Williamson of the City of London merchant, their heirs, executors and administrators forever, all my estate real and personal except as after mentioned upon trust. To sell and dispose of all my landed property together with all my slaves attached to Coolshade plantation and all other personal property and convert the same into money.

Firtsly to pay all my just debts and funeral expenses then to hold the rest and residue thereof unto and equally between my said wife and all and every my children living at the time of my death share and share alike as tenants in common paying unto each child his or her share at his or her age of 21 years and in the case of a daughter on the day of marriage if then under age. In the case of the death of any child before his or her share be payable then the share shall go equally among his or her issue and in default of issue unto and equally between my other children then living and their mother if living. The shares of my children should as soon as is practicable be vested in their respective names in the public certified funds or Government securities of Great Britain. [provision for children's educations.]

On the 1st November 1822 I became jointly with my friend John Alves joint tenant of Salt Pond hut pen in the parish of St Catherine for a term of 21 years and we have since that time purchased a considerable number of slaves for the purpose of carrying on the busines I therefore direct that my trustees and executors shall continue to manage and conduct my interest in the aforesaid farm slaves stock and implements to the best advantage and as it may be hoped that the annual profits of the penn may be considerable it is my direction that all the annual profits of the farm and all sums of money received out of the Sald pond hut as my moity of the gain during the year shall be divided equally betwen my wife and children then living and that the share of such annual profit as may belong to my children shall be vested in Island certificates or the Government funds of Great Britain until they reach age 21 or daughters marry... At the expiration of the lease or at the period of any breaks of the lease if my executors should deem it advisable to surrender the lease of Salt Pond hut pen in conjunction with my partner John Alves that then my moity of the slaves belonging to the said pen together with the stock implements and utensils of every description shall be sold to the best advantage and the proceeds divided equally between my wife and my children then living. If my son upon coming of age should deem it advisable to renew the lease of Salt Pond hut pen if it can be obtained and that it may be for his interest that any moity of the slaves stock and implements then upon Salt Pond hut pen should remain there it is my direction that he shall have the preference in the purchase of my moity on paying over to his mother and siblings their share of the amount.

It is my wish that my son my be brought up to some respectable profession. To their mother I bequeath my children as a solemn trust never to be dissolved until she returns them into the hands of Almighty God made fit I humbly hope by her instructions and the instructions of her example to meet us both in a happy eternity.

Executors Millicent Lane, Francis Smith, John Alves, John Gale Vidal and William Williamson merchant of the City of London, also to be guardians and trustees of my children.

Signed 10/11/1823. Witnesses Chas Gordon, Wm Hornby and Matthias James.

Codicil. Whereas I hold under lease made to myself and the late John Alves deceased an unexpired term in Salt Pond hut pen as tenants in common with the said John Alves and 123 negroes or other slaves now upon the said pen and whereas in and by my said last will and testament I have ordered and directed all my real and personal estate save and except my interest in the said pen cattle stock and slaves to be sold and disposed of in manner therein mentioned now I do hereby authorize that the rights, slaves, stock and implements of Salt Pond hut pen to also be sold in like manner and the proceeds to be applied as in my will aforesaid.

Replacement of John Alves, recently deceased executor, with James Forsyth of the city and parish of Kingston merchant.

Signed 28/12/1825. Witnesses W. Brett, John Gray, H. Hutchings.

Proved with a codicil 14/05/1829 at London by the oath of William Williamson Esquire. Administrators power resolved to Millicent Lane widow the Robert Francis Smith, John Gale Vidal and James Forsyth exquires the other executors named in the codicil.


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1817 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Attorney
1815 [EA] - 1827 [LA] → Owner
1830 [EA] - 1839 [LA] → Previous owner
1817 [EA] - → Attorney
1823 [EA] - → Attorney
1823 [EA] - → Attorney
1823 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Attorney
1823 [EA] - → Attorney
1825 [EA] - → Receiver
1817 [EA] - → Attorney
1817 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Attorney
1823 [EA] - → Joint owner
1817 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Receiver
1823 [EA] - → Lessee

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