Rev. Arthur Iredell

23rd Jan 1758 - 4th Nov 1804


Anglican clergyman and absentee slave-owner in Jamaica.

  1. Second son of Francis Iredell. Born 23/01/1758. Attended school in Lewes, Sussex. Matriculated Trinity College, Cambridge, 1778. BA 1782. Ordained a deacon in Peterborough in 1781. Rector at Newhaven in 1795. Rector at Lewes, Southover, also in 1795. "Tutor to the only son of Mr (afterwards Lord) Crewe, and remained a close friend of the family throughout his life. C. of Guildford, Surrey, 1785. C. of South Malling, Sussex, 1788. R. of Newhaven with Glynde and Southover, 1791. Married, Jan. 1792, Ann, dau. and co-heiress of James Shrubb, Esq., of Guildford, and had issue. Chaplain to his cousin, the Earl Macartney. Freeman of Seaford, Sussex, 1785. Heir in 1795 to the estates of his uncle, the Hon. Thomas Iredell, of Jamaica. Died Nov. 4, 1804, whilst on a visit to that island, ‘greatly regretted by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.’ Friend of Charles James Fox, Sheridan, Burke, the 3rd Duke and Duchess of Portland, and many others of his period." Sole heir of the Jamaican estate of his uncle Thomas Iredell (q.v.) after his brother James was disinherited.

  2. Married Anne Shrub in Bradfield St George, Suffolk, 05/01/1792. Of Guildford in Surrey when his uncle Thomas wrote his will in 1789. Two children baptised in Glynde, Sussex, 1796 and 1799. Of Glynde, Sussex, when he wrote his will in 1798 (of which administration was granted in London in 1818).


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Further Information

Anne Shrubb
Elizabeth Anne (1796-), Lestock Wilson (1799-); Francis Macartney; James Shrubb; Thomas Arthur

PROB 11/1603/74 - precis.

Arthur Iredell of Glynde, Sussex.

All my plantations in Jamaica and elsewhere in the West Indies to my brother-in-law John Peyton Shrubb of Guildford in Surrey Esquire and my worthy friends Captain Lestock Wilson, Commander of the Ship Exeter in the service of the East India Company and Mr Thomas Simpson of New Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London, Grocer, upon trust.

Trustees to sell the premises and convert the same into money during whatever period of time they think neccessary and in the meantime to direct the profits in money into the trust. My West India estates are now subject to a mortgage, these estates in trust shall be charged with all those incumbrances and all mortgages be discharged after my death. The sale to be completed within 5 years of my decease. The monies to be placed at interest in Government or other good securities.

If my wife Anne be unmarried at the time when my real estate has been sold then to pay her the interests and profits from the trust as have not become payable to my children as detailed below.

When the first of my sons attain the age of 21 years he shall become entitled to two-fifths of the residue and accumulations. The rest and residue after satisfying my eldest son I give and bequeath to such children as shall then be living equally to be divided between them but to be payable only when they reach the age of 21 years, the interest of each share in the meantime to be paid to my wife for her sole use provided she remain unmarried.

If any of my children die before the age of 21, the share to be divided equally between all my surviving children. Should all my children die before the age of 21, the residue to be shared between my grandchildren and failing that to my brother James Iredell (one of the judges of the Supreme Court of the United States of America), my brother Thomas Iredell of North Carolina and to Arthur Williams (now an infant at the school of Mr Galiand at Hartforth near Marmard Castle, Yorkshire), to be divided equally between them.

To Arthur Williams the sum of £500, the interest to be advanced for his maintenance and education and the principal paid to him on the 1st January 1810.

I now contribute equally with my brother James Iredell to defray all the expenses of my mother now living in North America. Should I die before her then £50 per annum for her own use until her death.

My wife to be sole executrix.

Signed 03/06/1798. Administration granted in London 06/04/1818.

Trinity College, Cambridge [1782 (BA) ]

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Glynde, Sussex, South-east England, England