Colonel Hampson Prevost Thomas

???? - 1833


  1. "Colonel Hampson Prevost Thomas. Appointed Capt. in the 64th foot the 5th June, 1800; Lieut.-Col. in the Army the 1st Jan., 1801; Capt. in the 53rd foot the 25th July, 1802; Major in the 2nd Garrison Battalion the 25th of Feb., 1805; subsequently Major on the half-pay of the Royal Waggon Train; and Col. in the army the 25th of July, 1810. He is on the half-pay of the Royal Waggon Train; and his rank is stationary."

  2. Will of Colonel Hampson Prevost Thomas proved 16/5/1851, although he had died in 1833 in Switzerland.

  3. Son of Hampson Thomas Esquire of St Catherine's who was buried in St Thomas in the Vale 15/01/1773 "aged about 32 years" and his wife Susannah Slatford. Susannah went on to marry Matthew Powell (an army physician in Jamaica, alive in 1780 but deceased by 1783) and then Henry Deaves.


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Further Information

Wilhelmina Almira Harrietta, Susanna Louisa Christina, Amelia Maria

PROB 11/2133 - precis.

Colonel Hampson Prevost Thomas and Christine Thomas his lawful wife. Having placed certain sums of money in the three per cent consolidated fund of Great Britain in their joint names, both of Brussels in the Netherlands, and being willing that such sum should become the property of their children without molestation, Wilhelmina Almira Harrietta Thomas, Susanna Louisa Christine Thomas and Amelia Maria Thomas equally divided.

Signed 19/05/1832 at Soleure in Switzerland.

Proved 16/05/1851 in London by Susanna Louisa Christina Thomas spinster. Previously thought to be intestate.

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