Matthew Atkinson

1769 - 1830


Almost certainly the Matthew Atkinson shown in the preface to Lady Nugent's Journal to have been the subject of her husband's complaints about a merchant acting as Collector of the Port of Kingston: it identifies him as Matthew Atkinson, who held the office of Commissary General and Island Secretary: 'the firm of Atkinsons Mure and Bogle had purchased the lease of the Island Secretaryship from the patentee the Hon Charles Wyndham, son of the Earl of Egremont, to whom the Crown had granted a reversion of the patent for his lifetime in 1763, when he was 3 years old.' No will or probate has yet been traced for Matthew Atkinson, but online genealogical sources give his death as 1830 (in some cases as 1827).


Philip Wright (ed.) Lady Nugent's Journal p. xxv. [accessed 12.01.2017].

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George Clayton

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1810 [EA] - 1817 [LA] → Other
1814 [SY] - 1823 [LA] → Trustee and Executor
1800 [EA] - 1803 [LA] → Receiver
1798 [EA] - 1804 [LA] → Receiver

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Tyne Iron Co.

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Uncle → Nephew