William Burt Wright II

18th Jul 1782 - 20th Feb 1821


Son of William Burt Wright I, and grandson of James Cooper Wright and wife Ann.

  1. William Burt Wright, merchant, of Kingston, married Frances Wright Brooks of St.Elizabeth at the house of Philip Pinnock at Shaftston Pen, Westmoreland, 11/03/1817.

  2. Will of William Burt Wright of Manchester Jamaica proved 10/08/1821. In the will he left his Enfield estate in trust for his wife for life and then their children.


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  2. PROB 11/1647/128.

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Further Information

Frances Brooks
Ellen Frances

PROB 11/1647/128 - precis.

To each of the children of my brother-in-law George Brooks, £200 sterling.

To my brother Ezekiel Wright of Trelawny, planter, £100.

To my godson Phillpotts Wright Taylor, son of my esteemed friend William Taylor of St Catherine, £100.

To my sister Ann Frances Wright, at present in England, £500.

My plantation called Enfield in Manchester and all rest and residue of my real and personal estate to my wife Frances Wright Wright, my brother Ezekiel Wright and my friend Robert Boyes Muirhead of the City and parish of Kingston, merchant, for ever, in trust for the purposes hereinafter mentioned.

My wife Frances to receive the rents, issues and profits for her natural life. After her decease to the use of all of my children of the body of my wife, or if deceased then their lawful issue, equally divided as tenants in common.

Signed 08/12/1818.

Codicil dated 13/12/1818. To my brother Robert Benstead Wright, £500.

Proved at London 10/08/1821.

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