Charles Grant of St Luke Chelsea

???? - 1830


Deceased slave-owner of Hopewell in St Mary Jamaica and Tydixton Park Pen in St John. In 1829 he left annuities of £4000 p.a secured on his Jamaica estates and enslaved people, which appear unlikely to have been sustainable.

  1. Will of Charles Grant of [Cadogan Place] St Luke Chelsea [made in 1829] proved 30/09/1830. In the will he specifies Hopewell and Tydixton Park Pen as his estates, leaving them in trust to support several annuities. He specified that 4/5th of the produce of the two estates should go to pay his debts, with the remaining 1/5th going to his wife Sophia Cecilia Grant subject to an annuity of £100 p.a. to his niece Frances Louisa Grant daughter of his late brother Peter Grant, and after the debts were paid to pay his wife an annuity of £2000 p.a.; £200 p.a. to his sister Mrs Elizabeth Burnett and £200 p.a. to his sister Margaret Lady Mackintosh widow of Sir Aeneas Mackintosh of Mackintosh; £400 p.a. to his niece Frances Louisa Grant in lieu of the £100 p.a. while his estates were still encumbered; £400 p.a. to his niece Eliza Bruce; £300 p.a to his nephew Col. James McDowall of the Coldstream Guards; and £100 p.a to his grandniece Caroline McDowall of Glengarry; and two further annuities totalling £400 p.a., one to Lt Col James Grant son of his late brother James Grant of £200 p.a. and one of £100 p.a. each to his cousins, the daughter of his late uncle Sir William Innes. Subject to these annuities he left the estates to his grandnephew Charles Bruce, son of his niece Eliza Grant, the daughter of his late brother Peter Grant.


  1. PROB 11/1776/10.

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Charles Grant left his sister Margaret, Lady Mackintosh an annuity of £200 p.a. secured on his Jamaica...

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Cadogan Place, London, Middlesex, London, England