John Cruikshank

1766 - 29th Jul 1810


  1. Son of Donald Cruickshank (1716-1797) of Gorton in Strathspey and brother of Alexander, Patrick and James Cruikshank. These three brothers were also investors in plantations in St Vincent. Married Elizabeth Jane, eldest daughter of Peter Gurley Jr of Peter's Hope in St Vincent. They had one child, Alexander Cruickshank Jr of Keithock (q.v.). He was allotted Langley Park in St Vincent with 600 acres in 1804 as a veteran of the 'Brigands War', the war against the remaining Caribs.

  2. On 09/05/1810, John Cruickshank of St Vincent entered into a bond with Jane Dermot of St Vincent, "free coloured woman", to pay to her £1770 current money.


  1. Email from Colin Cornes, 09/09/2014.

  2. Secretary's Record Book 1812-1813, bond entered 20/04/1812, available as part of the British Library Endangered Archives programme, [accessed 16/06/2021].

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Eilzabeth Jane Gurley
Alexander (1800-1855)

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