Philip Cornish

1751 - 4th Nov 1824


  1. Married to Mary and based in Devon, England, where their daughter Mary Stevens Cornish was baptised 30/06/1778 and where Mary Stevens Cornish married William Hewitt (q.v.) 27/01/1808.

  2. William Hewitt became receiver for Philip and Mary Cornish on Cumberland estate in Clarendon, Jamaica, from at least 1817.

  3. The marriage settlement dated 04/05/1775 of Philip Cornish of Saltash, Cornwall, surgeon and apothecary, and Mary Mackenzie, late of the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica, now of Exeter, Devon, spinster: "Philip Cornish conveys to Tristram [Ratcliffe, of Vere, Jamaica] for settlement on Mary on the intended marriage of Philip and Mary, the profit of 24 slaves to Mary's use." The enslaved people were named as Andrew, Mary Ann, Anthony, Edward, Harry, Bess, Quasheba, Prue, Grace, Mulatto Lydia, Ann, Jemima Return, Negroman Mulatto Jenny, Abba, Benneba, Stella, George, Rose, Deborah, Frank, Cordelia, Nancy, Celia and Providence. Also named in the settlement was George Mackenzie of Clarendon, Mary's brother.

  4. Died 04/11/1824 at the Barn Field, Exeter. Buried 10/11/1824, age 73, at St. David, Exeter.


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  2. See separate entry for William Hewitt.

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Further Information

Mary Stevens

PROB 11/1692/404 - precis.

Philip Cornish of the City of Exeter, late surgeon. I leave my whole estate to my wife Mary Cornish. Will dated 15/10/1822, proved 11/12/1824.


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Exeter, Devon, Devon & Cornwall, England
Saltash, Cornwall, Devon & Cornwall, England