Cumberbatch Sober

???? - 1826


Son of John Sober I and brother of John Sober II (both of whom q.v.) This was probably the same man as the Cumberbatch Sober who was included in a List of inhabitants of St Peter, Barbados, 1780, when he was given as owning 130 enslaved people. He was also the husband of Judith Wood, whom he married in St Michael, Barbados, 17 February 1765.

  1. Will of Cumberbatch Sober of Upper George Street St Marylebone [made in 1824] proved 01/02/1827. Under the will he left his property, including an unnamed estate and the enslaved people on it, in trust to Thomas Thornhill of Riddlesworth Park Norfolk and Berkeley Square and Samson Senhouse of Powis Place Great Ormond Street London for the benefit of his wife for life, and then to sell the Barbados estate and invest the proceeds to pay an annuity of £100 p.a. to his daughter Mary Cumberbatch Forth, wife of William Forth of Brighthelmstone Sussex. He left £2000 to Thomas Thornhill one of his trustees that he [Sober] had promised on the marriage of his daughter Sarah to Thomas Thornhill, £1000 each to his grandchildren Thomas Thornhill the younger [1804-1875] and Sarah Thornhill; £2000 to his grandson the Rev. Samson Sober Wood; £2000 to Judith Frewin Applewhaite wife of Edward Applewhaite of Lindley Hall in Leicestershire; and £2000 to his granddaughter Judith Trent; and £2000 in trust for his grand-daughter Elizabeth Grant. His residuary heirs were Thomas Thornhill senior of Berkeley Square; Harrison Walke Sober of Thursford Hall Norfolk; and the Rev. Samson Sober Wood of Upper George Street. In a codicil of December 1825 he recorded the death of Harrison Walke Sober and relallocated his share of the residuary estate to Thomas Thornhill and the Rev. Samson Sober Wood; and removed Samson Senhouse as trustee, he having gone abroad.


List of inhabitants of St Peter, Barbados, 1780. Barbados Department of Archives, RB9/3/6; Caribbean Marriages, 1591-1905, FamilySearch.

  1. PROB 11/1722/5. Cumberbatch Sober's daughter Sarah married first Samson Tickell Wood and secondly Thomas Thornhill (d. 1844): the Rev. Samson Sober Wood was her son by her first marriage. His daughter Mary Cumberbatch Sober married first Abraham Cumberbatch (q.v.) and secondly William Smith Forth. See, Barbados, Church Records, 1637-1849 [database online];, London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921 [database online].

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Married but no further details
Mary Cumberbatch, Sarah

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Upper George Street, Marylebone, London, Middlesex, London, England