John Lawrence Aikenhead

1735 - 1780


Inherited Stirling Castle estate in Jamaica from his father William Aikenhead. Matriculated Trinity College, Oxford, 14/05/1752 aged 17, BCL 1759, DCL 08/07/1773.

Sons baptised in Richmond, Surrey, in the late 1760s and buried in Petersham, Surrey, in 1767 and 1779. Died at Grosvenor Place, Middlesex, in 1780 and was buried as requested in Petersham in February 1780.

Of Grosvenor Place when he subscribed to William Pryce's Mineralogia Cornubiensis in 1778.

Bequeathed Stirling Castle in Jamaica to his second son William, with annuities to his wife and daughters chargeable upon it; in default of issue it would pass to Robert Graham and his heirs, then to Robert Hamilton and his heirs and in default of any of the above to be sold by Trinity College Oxford to (re)build it according to the plans by Sir Christopher Wren 'as also' to buy up houses to enlarge college garden, and if Trinity declined to take on the trust the estate was to be sold by the City of Bath to construct 'a more elegant and extensive pump room, public the Lower Town of Bath' under the design or direction of 'Mr Wyatt.'


See transcript of the will of William Aikenhead available at [accessed 12/01/2015]., Oxford University Alumni, 1500-1886 [database online].

Town and Country Magazine Vol. XII p. 167 (1780).

William Pryce, Mineralogia Cornubiensis (printed for the author by James Phillips, London, 1778)., Surrey, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812 [database online].

Further Information

Archibald, William (1766-1780), John (1767-1767), Charles (1768-1779), Milborough, Elizabeth

PROB 11/1062/389 Will of John Lawrence Aikenhed or Aikenhead of Grosvenor Place , Middlesex - precis.

John Lawrence Aikenhed of Grosvenor Place in the County of Middlesex Esquire.

Payment of all just debts charged upon all real and personal estate in Britain and Jamaica and elsewhere.

My remains to be laid with those of my deceased children at Petersham, funeral expenses not to exceed £20.

To my eldest son Archibald Aikenhead an annuity of £100 to be paid out of my real estates in Jamaica for his support and maintenance during his life.

To my wife Mary Aikenhead an annuity of £400 so long as she remain a widow, to be paid out of my real estates in Jamaica which I consider to be ample provision for my wife and children (except my eldest son) so long as she shall continue to live with them. The annuity to cease if she should remarry and be replaced with a lunp sum of £1000. This to be paid if she agree for the annuity or lump sum in lieu of dower and renounce all further claim on my estate within 6 months of my decease.

Ten years after the date of my will, the sum of £1000 sterling to be raised by mortgage or otherwise out of my estates in Jamaica and invested in trust for my wife, the interest and dividends paid to my wife during her widowhood in addition to the £400 annuity. On the death of my wife, the £1000 to be split between my daughters Milbough Aikenhead and Elizabeth Aikenhead and their respective children.

To my son William until he reach the age of 24 years and to my daughters at age 21 or marriage, the annual sum not exceeding £100 per year for their maintenance and education, charged upon my Jamaican estates.

My house in Grosvenor Street to be let and the rent to be applied to paying the mortgage on it until my younger daughter reaches the age of 21, at which point I give the house to my two daughters as tenants in common, when the remaining mortgage should be paid out of my Jamaican estates.

Also to each of my two daughters an annuity of £100 each for the rest of their lives from age 21, chargeable upon my Jamaican estates. "I do also most earnestly and strongly recommend to my son William that he do as soon as my said Jamaica Estates be in a condition to bear the further charge", a further £100 annuity to each of my daughters (as well as the £100 previously bequeathed) when the youngest reaches the age of 26.

To Mrs White of Hampstead, wife of my friend Robert White Esquire an annuity of £50 out of my Jamaican estates.

To my cousin John Aikenhead of Wishaw [Scotland] an annuity of £20 out of my Jamaican estates.

To Miss Elizabeth Hamilton daughter of James Hamilton of Edinburgh Esquire £50.

To Margaret Graham daughter of Robert Graham of Garthmore in Scotland Esquire and to Miss Jenny Hamilton (daughter of Robert Hamilton in Wishaw in Scotland Esquire) £30 each to be laid out in some memorial.

To my friends Leeke Fuller Esquire and Thomas Sheridan Esquire £30 each to be laid out in some memorial.

All my messuages, buildings, plantations and real estate in Jamaica called Stirling Castle with all the negroes, cattle and other property thereon to my son William Aikenhead. In default to: my daughters and their heirs as tenants in common; then in default to Robert Graham and his heirs; then to Robert Hamilton and his heirs; then in default to Trinity College Oxford for the enlargement of their garden; and if Trinity College decline the bequest then to the City of Bath towards the construction of a more elegant and extensive pump room, public room and other ornaments in the Lower Town of Bath under the design and direction of Mr Wyatt of Queen Ann Street, Middlesex.

[4 smaller bequests]

Rest and remainder to my son William Aikenhead. "I do hereby most earnestly recommend to my executors that without the idle flourish of misleading arts after an absetemious taste of the Civil Law my said son William be placed with some still Conveyancer an[d] early introduced to the Chancery Bar. This I most solemnly recommend to him as the only means of supporting the Burthen which my love to those equally near to me as himself has inevitably induced me to put upon him and as the only means of supporting the misery of distant Agents and preserving that sleep which I have never found he will further find that a curious and contemplative life is not for happiness."

Executors and guardians of my children to be the said Robert Graham and Sir Herbert Markworth Baronet and my wife Mary Aikenhead. Markworth may not be troubled with my West India estates and foreign concerns so long as the said Robert Graham shall continue his goodness...

Signed 04/02/1780.

Proved at London 30/03/1780 by Sir Herbert Markworth Baronet and Mary Aikenhead widow.


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