George Thomas Thomas born Freeman

???? - 1827


Army officer, brother of Inigo Freeman Thomas (q.v.): the two men were sons of Arthur Freeman of Antigua and both changed their names or added that of Thomas.

  1. Will of George Thomas Thomas late Lieutenant-Colonel of the 11th Light Dragoons of Willingdon Sussex proved 12/01/1828. In the will (made in 1822) he left his real estate, including an as yet unidentified estate on Antigua he had 'lately purchased of Charles Robertson Esq.', together with the enslaved people on it, to his brother Inigo Thomas, with his bank stock in England to be divided among his sisters and their children.


  1. PROB 11/1735/173.

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George Thomas Freeman inherited the estates of Sir George Thomas subject to the life interest of Sir William Thomas 2nd...

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Ratton Park, Willingdon, Sussex, South-east England, England