Jacob Israel Bernal

???? - 1811


West India merchant. Owner of Richmond New Works, Richmond Old Works, Edinburgh Castle, Cherry Garden and Gymballs estates in Jamaica. Father of the MP Ralph Bernal (q.v.).

  1. The will of Jacob Israel Bernal of Fitzroy Square, Middlesex was proved 15/11/1811.


  1. PROB 11/1527/178.

Further Information

Leah da Silva
Ralph (1783-), Esther

PROB 11/1527/178 - precis.

Jacob Israel Bernal of Fitzroy Square, Middlesex.

Any debt which may be charged upon the properties of Richmond Old Works and Richmond New Works in St Ann, Jamaica, shall remain a charge on those estates only. Any legacies given in my will I charge upon my plantations in St Dorothy called Gymballs and Cherry Garden.

To my dear wife Leah Bernal £500 sterling.

To my son Ralph Bernal £500.

To my mother-in-law Esther Vas da Silva £20.

To Doctor Sequeira £10.

To my attorney Aaron Nimes Henriques of Kingston Jamaica £20.

To James Trower of Lincolns Inn, Barrister-at-law, and Richard Samuel White of Lincoln's Inn, £150 each.

To the said James Trower and Richard Samuel White £8,000 in trust to invest in the public stocks or funds or upon government or real securities, the interest to the separate use of my daughter Esther Crawley during her lifetime, to her children equally after her death.

On 15/06/1786 in Jamaica I conveyed my plantations called Gymballs and Cherry Garden in trust for 99 years to my wife Leah Bernal in case she shall survive me for an annuity of £400 for her jointure and in bar of dower. I now confirm this settlement.

On 08/04 instant, in the marriage settlement of my son Ralph Bernal with Miss Ann Elizabeth White (daughter of Richard Samuel White) conveyed my plantations called Edinburgh Castle pen, Richmond Old Works and Richmond New Works in Jamaica to the use that my wife may receive a yearly charge of £600 pa if she shall survive me. I confirm this settlement. My executors to pay this sum out of my personal estate if appropriate from a purchase of government or public securities.

To my mother-in-law Esther Vas de Silva an annuity of £100 pa. To my late servant Elizabeth Wilson now Elizabeth Rust the wife of [blank] Rust of Chelmsford, Essex, carpenter, an annuity of 10 guineas. Both these chargeable on Gymballs and Cherry Garden if my personal estate is not sufficient for them.

All my estate in Jamaica to the use of my son Ralph Bernal.

On 10/12/1771 previous to my marriage with Leah Bernal it was agreed that the sum of £1200 should be laid out and invested in the names of trustees to pay the interest and dividends to my wife if she should survive me and after our deaths to divide the same amongst the children of our marriage. I confirm this deed.

To my wife my coach, harness, household goods, furniture, linen, glass, china, plate and jewels with the books, wines and liquors in my house in Fitzroy Square for her own use under the condition that she accept the annuities in lieu of dower.

My executors to sell my house in Fitzroy Square, the proceeds to form part of my personal estate.

All rest and residue to my son Ralph Bernal.

Executors to be Ralph Bernal, James Trower and Richard Samuel White.

Signed 09/04/1806.

Proved in London 15/12/1811.

West India merchant

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1792 [EA] - 1811 [EY] → Owner

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Commercial (1)

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Bernals and Da Silva
West India merchant  

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Father → Son

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Fitzroy Square, London, Middlesex, London, England