John Price of Penzance, the younger

1738 - 1797


Born in 1738, John Price of Penzance was the son of John Price and Margaret nee Badcock. He was an only child. John spent all but a few months of his life in Cornwall, living on lands that had been purchased by the terms of his grandfather Colonel Charles Price's will. He was the first truly absentee owner of Worthy Park.

He married Elizabeth Williams Brammar or Brammer and the couple had a son Rose Price, 1st Baronet (1764-1835). John died in 1797 and his will was proved that same year.


Michael Craton and James Walvin, A Jamaican Plantation: The History of Worthy Park 1670-1970 (London: W. H. Allen, 1970).

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Further Information

Elizabeth Williams Brammer
Rose Price

PROB 11/1289/181- precis.

John Price of Penzance, Cornwall, Esquire.

I ratify the provision made by me for my wife Elizabeth Williams Price upon all my estates in Jamaica except the plantation called Spring Garden by an indenture of 13/06/1789 in lieu of her dower.

To my kinsman William Goode Badcock and John Badcock, sons of my late worthy friend and relation John Badcock, late of Trengle[?] in St Paul, Cornwall, deceased, £300 each at age 21 years (my just debts and funeral expenses being all fully paid and satisfied).

To my kinswomen Margery Price Badcock and Grace Badcock, daughters of the said John Badcock, £200 each on marriage.

To each of my six trustees hereinafter named 15 guineas each.

All my plantations, sugar works and etates in Jamaica with all and singular Negro and other slaves, mules, horses, stock and all buildings etc and all my messuages or tenement, garden and appurtenances in Penzance and all other real estate except my plantation in Jamaica called Spring Garden and except a parcel of land late a resting place for the wainage of sugars but now unclutivated containing about 120 acres in Guamboo in Jamaica to Sir Christopher Hawkins of Trewithin in Cornwall, baronet, James Parkin, late lecturer of Penzance but now of Skeford in Devon, clerk, and William Cardale of Bedford Row in the county of Middlesex gentlemen, and their heirs and assigns, upon trust for the purposes hereinafter expressed. To the use of Sir William Lemon of Carclew in Cornwall, baronet, to Rev. John Vinicombe, fellow of Pembroke College Oxford, clerk, and Thomas Smith of Grays Inn, Middlesex, Esquire, their executors, administrators and assigns for the term of 1000 years upon trust for the use of my dear son and only child Rose Price for his natural ife, thereafter to the use of the first son of the body of Rose Price lawfully begotten and the heirs male of such first son. In default of such issue the use and behoof of the second, third, etc and in remainder in seniority of age. In default of heirs male then to the use of the first daughter of my said son lawfully begotten etc. In default to Henry Archbould of St Mary, Jamaica, Esquire, the only son of Henry Archbould, late of Jamaica Esquire deceased by Sarah his late wife, who was the sister of my late father John Price deceased, and his heirs. In default to the use of William Goode Badcock and his assigns for life and then to his first son etc., then to John Badcock and his heirs, then to Margery Price Badcock and her heirs, then to Grace Badcock and her heirs, then to my kinsman Peeke Fuller of Spanish Town Esquire, son the son Thomas Fuller by Mary his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of Thomas Price, brother of Charles Price my grandfather, and to his heirs.

A certain annuity of £200 to the Rev. John Vinicombe for his life secured by my bond to him dated 16/06/1786 as also the interest of all such debts on mortage bond simple contract or otherwise which I shall owe at my death and which shall bear and carry interest after such date, the same respectively carry interest as and when such annuity and interest shall accrue.

In the next place out of the rents and profits of my property, pay the yearly sum of £6000 to my son Rose Price during his life. [Provision made for annuities to William Goode Badcock, John Badcock and Margery Price Badcock and Grace Badcock in the event of the failure of issue of Rose Price.] My son Rose Price to make use of my property at any point to raise a sum not exceeding £15,000 for his own use at the rate of interest of 6%.

My trustees to sell my estate called Spring Garden and to pay the money arising from the sale upon trust to my son Rose Price.

Signed 17/08/1796.

Proved in London 22/04/1797.

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1753 [EA] - → Owner
1793 [SY] - 1797 [EY] → Owner
1776 [SY] - 1797 [EY] → Owner
1740 [SY] - 1789 [EY] → Joint owner

John Price of Penzance inherited the half share in the property on the death of his father. The other half share belonged first to his uncle Thomas Rose Price and after his death to his uncle Sir Charles Price. When Sir Charles's eldest and only son and heir, Sir Charles Price 2nd Baronet, died then John became the sole owner under the terms of Sir Charles Price 1st Baronet's will.

1789 [SY] - 1797 [EY] → Owner

Legacies Summary

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Country house
Chi-owne [Built] 
description →
A 'pretty retreat' in the parish of Paul near Penzance built by John Price of Penzance the younger, possibly finished by his son Rose Price. Nearby and extant (at least in 1970) was a sugar loaf...
notes →
Craton & Walvin, A Jamaica Plantation p....

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First Cousins
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John Price of Penzance described his contingent residuary heir Henry Archbould as the son of the late Henry Archbould by his deceased wife Sarah, the sister of his (John Price's)...
Testator → Trustee
Testator → Trustee

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Penzance, Cornwall, Devon & Cornwall, England