Joseph Cliff

???? - 1803


Brother and heir of Robert Cliff (q.v.), dying c. 1803-4.

  1. Will of Joseph Cliffe otherwise Cliff formerly of Bromhall [sic, in fact Broomhall] in the UK but now of Demerara cotton planter [made in 1803] proved 26/07/1804. He left £500, the interest of which was to go to the poor of a number of Cheshire parishes; he left £1000 each to his siblings John Washington [Cliff], Jack Needham [Cliff], Richard [Cliff], Catherine Skerrett and Mary Cliffe, and put £2000 in trust, the interest on £1000 of which was for his brother William and his children and on the other £1000 for his brother George and his children. He also left £200 in trust for Trutchell Parry of Demerary and a further £200 in trust for 'the negro boy called Columbia now living in Great Britain'. After further monetary legacies including £2300 to William Turba of Market Drayton for the latter's children, he made his residuary legatee Joseph Cliffe the son of his brother John.


  1. PROB 11/1411/269.

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Broomhall, Nantwich, Cheshire, North-west England, England