Thomas Richard Hals

???? - 1743


Son of Thomas Hals III from whom he presumably inherited Halse Hall. Thomas Richard died in 1743 leaving his estate to his mother Elizabeth nee Hemming. It's not clear whether or not Halse Hall had been inherited in trust, but on the death of Thomas Richard, Halse Hall passed to his uncle Francis Sadler (son of Thomas Richard's grandmother Mary Rose by her second husband Charles Sadler). Francis Sadler changed his name to Francis Sadler Hals in 1746.


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Will of Thomas Richard Halse, PROB 11/734/26.

Further Information

died unmarried

PROB 11/734/26 - precis.

Thomas Richard Hals, son and heir of Thomas Hals late of the Island of Jamaica Esq. deceased.

All my goods, chattels and personal estate in Great Britain or Jamaica or elsewhere in America to Thomas Orby Hunter of Crowland, Lincoln Esquire in trust for the sole and separate use of my dear and honoured mother Elizabeth Hunt, wife of Benjamin Hunt of Jamaica Esq, not subject to the control or debts of her husband.

Thomas Orby Hunter to be my executor.

Signed 19/01/1742.

Proved in London 05/06/1744 by the oath of Thomas Orby Hunter.

Associated Estates (2)

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17/11/1737 [SD] - 1743 [EY] → Trust beneficiary
1741 [EA] - 1743 [LA] → Trust beneficiary

Relationships (3)

Grandson → Grandfather
Testator → Trustee
Nephew → Aunt
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Aunt by marriage to the half-brother of Thomas Richard's...