Henry Dyett of Montserrat

???? - 1804


Transatlantic merchant and slave-owner in Montserrat and apparently in Demerara and Essequibo, in London in the early 1800s but in Montserrat in 1804 and dying that same year, possibly on voyage to England. Father of Henry Dyett of the City of London (q.v.), and uncle of Henry Iles Underwood (q.v.).

  1. Will of Henry Dyett of the City of London merchant but about to depart for the West Indies made 09/03/1803 and proved 29/11/1804. Under the will he left an annuity of £250 p.a. to his wife Elinor and provided that if she chose to reside in the West Indies she should have use of a house on either of his estates on Montserrat. 'It is my will' that his daughters lived with their mother until married. Among other monetary legacies to family members (mostly on Montserrat), he left £2000 each to his daughters Elinor, Frances Maria, Eliza Ann and Martha and £500 to his daughter Sarah Sophia, having previously settled £1500 on her marriage to Thomas Furlonge. He left the house and land on Montserrat known as Swindells to his son Richard. His residuary heirs were his sons Richard, Henry and Mark Dyett. His executors included his brothers Mark and Joshua Dyett, and his nephew Henry Iles Underwood, then of Demerary merchant. In two codicils he left specified enslaved people to each of his daughters and changed his executors so far as his estate in England and Demerara and Berbice was concerned to his son Henry Dyett (identified as of Copthall Chambers in the probate), his nephew Henry Iles Underwood and John Brooks of Chancery Lane banker.


  1. PROB 11/1417/266. He has been styled here as 'Henry Dyett of Montserrat' to distinguish him from his son Henry Dyett of the City of London.

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Elinor; Sarah Sophia

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£970 0s 8d
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