Sir Michael Benignus Clare M.D.

1777 - 1832


Physician-General in Jamaica, born Maidford Northamptonshire, returning to Britain (to London and then to Cromarty in Scotland).

  1. Will of Sir Michael Benignus Clare of [Spanish Town but now resident in] London proved 27/12/1832. He confirmed his marriage settlement in which £5000 was settled on his wife Margaret. He left annuities of £200 p.a. to Margaret and £100 p.a. to two of his sisters Eliza and Clara, and similar annuities to his two natural daughters with Jemima Johnson Lee. His residuary estate went to his wife and nieces.

  2. Dr M.B. Clare West Indies sent £5 to the poet John Clare in September 1823 and appears in the notes for John Clare's autobiography.


em>London Gazette 27/01/1874 p. 364 gives a birth-date of 1777 in its advertisement for claims under Sir M.B. Clare's will, following the death of his niece Eliza Clare, afterwards Eliza Gorton, 15/02/1872.

  1. PROB 11/1808/442.

  2. Eric Robinson and David Powell (eds.) John Clare by Himself, Appendix.

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In his will Sir Michael Benignus Clare made provision for his two natural children with Jemima Johnson...
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Cromarty House, Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Highlands & Islands, Scotland