Samuel Queneborough

???? - 1815


Slave-owner in Jamaica, inheriting Aylmers from Edmond Jordan (q.v.), and leaving significant property among his relatives, mainly in England, at his death on his return to England c. 1815. Samuel Taylor Queneborough, then a mate on an East Indiaman, was left an annuity and a lump sum of £8000 under the will of Samuel Queneborough. This appears to have been a natural son of Samuel Queneborough (d. 1815) who married in London in 1824 and died at Mylor, Cornwall in 1839.

  1. Will of Samuel Queneborough of St John County of Middlesex Jamaica proved 28/11/1815. His main legatee was his nephew William Wright, son of his sister Mary Wright in England.


  1. PROB 11/1574/404.

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PROB 11/1574/404 - precis

Samuel Queneborough of St John, Jamaica Esquire.

Executors and trustees:

  • Hon. John Shand of St Catherine
  • William Shand of Clarendon
  • George Gibbs the elder of the city of Bristol
  • George Gibbs the younger of the city of Bristol

I have proposed terms for the purchase of sugar works called Lloyds in St John and a pen in St Dorothy and may not come into the possession thereof, I authorise my executors to try to comply with the said terms. Fullers Rest estate in Guanaboad[?] Vale in St John should be offered for sale. My executors to purchase those pieces of land now forming part thereof leading from the church towards to Retreat estate extending to the end of the line of the said Fullers Rest Estate and which adjoins the Gully which separated the same from Lloyds estate, the said land when purchased to form part of Lloyds estate. Mrs Margaret Plunkett is the present tenant for life of Lloyds and pen. Trustees to cultivate the estates until 30/04/1823 including Aylmers in St John, Juan de Bolas in St John, and any other lands in Jamaica, in trust.

The following to be paid from the trust:

  • Brother Daniel Queneborough of Dunstable in Bedfordshire, £500 sterling
  • Cousins John Warren, Thomas Warren, Mary Ann Warren and Elizabeth Warren all of England, £500 sterling each
  • Leith[?] Smith, Penelope Smith, Jane Smith and Henry Smith of Spanish Town, reputed children of my late friend Charles Smith of Spanish Town, £100 Jamaican currency each
  • Sisters Mary Wright, Sarah Meller, Ann Queneborough all of England, £1,000 sterling each

The following annuities to be paid each year from my decease until 30/04/1823, so long as the recipients shall be living:

  • Nephew William Wright, £100 sterling pa
  • Brother William Queneborough of Kewsworth, near Market Street, Hertfordshire, £100 sterling pa
  • Samuel Taylor Queneborough, now a mate in the sea service of the East India Co., £400 sterling pa
  • William Queneborough and John Queneborough, free persons of colour, £60 Jamaican currency pa each
  • Mary Queneborough and Frances Queneborough, free persons of colour, £60 Jamaican currency pa each

All rest and residue from the trust and my personal estate and profits to be invested in the public funds of Great Britain until 30/04/1823 in the names of my trustees.

On 30/04/1823, the following legacies to be paid if the recipients are alive:

  • Nephews Frederick Wright, Arthur Wright, Samuel Wright and Septimus Wright, Nieces Mary Ann Wright, Mary Mellor, Sarah Mellor and Ann Mellor, £1,000 sterling each
  • Samuel Taylor Queneborough, £8,000 sterling
  • Brother William Queneborough, £4,000 sterling
  • William, John, Mary and Frances Queneborough, £1,000 Jamaican currency each

To Sarah Lewis of Spanish Town, a free person of colour, £140 Jamaican currency annuity pa for life, out of my whole estate, real and personal. Also to Sarah Lewis, my messuage, tenement or dwelling house in Spanish Town in which she now resides and the furniture for life; thereafter the property to Mary and Frances Queneborough.

To William and John Queneborough, land in Spanish Town which I purchased from Rennalls and others.

Robert Taylor to be manumitted, the costs to be borne by my estate. £30 Jamaican currency to him.

To my sister Mary Wright, a set of silver tea equipage and all the silver spoons and plate marked B.C. to S.Q.

In trust for the use of my nephew William Wright and the issue of his body from 30/04/1823, all my real estate, Aylmers, Juan de Bolas, Lloyds estate and pen, Fullers rest. Otherwise to his brother Frederick Wright and lawful issue, then Arthur Wright and lawful issue, then nephews Samuel Wright, then Septimus Wright, then Mary Ann Wright, then the children of my sister Sarah Mellor.

All the rest and residue of the funds invested as above to nephews Frederick Wright, Arthur Wright, Samuel Wright, Septimus Wright, nieces Mary Ann Wright, Mary Mellor, Sarah Mellor and Ann Mellor on 30/04/1823.

Signed 30/01/1814.

Proved in London 28/11/1815 by George Gibbs the elder and George Gibbs the younger. All legacies payable in Jamaica to bear interest of 6% pa and in Great Britain 5% pa.

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Legacies Summary

Physical (1)

Monument on the wall of the Priory Church, Dunstable  
description →
Memorial to 'Samuel Taylor Queneborough' , a returnee from Jamaica. IN THE SAME VAULT [as Daniel Queneborough] ARE INTERRED THE REMAINS OF HIS BROTHER SAMUEL TAYLOR QUENEBOROUGH Esq. LATE OF THE...

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Legatee → Testator
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Queneborough inherited the Aylmer estate under the will of Edmond Jordan (proved in...
Uncle → Nephew
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William Queneborough Wright was also the main heir of his uncle Samuel...