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Free woman of colour ('mulatto'), perhaps formerly enslaved. Houeskeeper and long-term partner of John Shand (q.v.) of St Catherine, Jamaica. John Shand left her a lump sum of £500 Jamaican currency and an annuity of £200 pa Jamaican currency in his will (proved 1826), chargeable on his Jamaican plantations. These properties were later in Chancery so it's not clear how much of the annuity she received.

Frances Brown and John Shand had ten children together, of which seven were alive in 1826: William Batty Shand (born 01/02/1799), Eliz. (born 20/04/1800), Milborough Batty Shand (born 05/01/1802), John Batty Shand (born 20/11/1803), Ann (probably born between 1805 and 1808), Richard Batty Shand (probably born between 1805 and 1808), Robert (born 20/10/1809) and Isabella Batty Shand (born 21/08/1811) and Frances (born c. 1816). All the children were baptised in St Catherine.

John Shand retired to Britain c. 1816 and the children were educated in Britain.

The children were each left £5,000 in their father's will.

Richard Batty Shand was a visitor at Ladykirk, Ayrshire, "formerly General (merchant)", age 40, in the household of William Gemmell in 1851. He died 20/02/1871 unmarried, age 65 at Gilmour House, Liberton, Edinburgh; his death certificate gives his occupation as Merchant.

Milborough Batty Shand was living in Elgin, Scotland, when she married John Sandiman, a surgeon in Brechin, Angus, 25/04/1826. By 1871 she was widowed, an annuitant, living with her brother John and sister Frances at 13 Windsor Place, Cardiff. She died in Leamington, 20/10/1875 leaving an estate valued for probate at less than £1,000.

John Batty Shand was living at 551 Renfrew Street, Glagow, unmarried and age 47 in 1851. By 1861 (recorded as age 59) he was at Park Place, Cardiff, "Secretary Rhymney Railway" with his sister Frances. In 1871 he was living at 13 Windsor Place, Cardiff, with his sisters Milborough and Frances. He died in Cardiff 01/08/1877 and his estate was valued for probate at under £2,000.

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Further Information

[With John Shand] William Batty Shand, Richard Batty Shand, John Batty Shand, Robert Batty Shand, Millborough Batty Shand, Isabella Batty Shand, Frances Batty Shand

PROB 11/1953/170 - precis.

Frances Brown of St Catherine, single woman.

To my brother John Plummer £25.

To his sons George Batty Plummer £22, John Batty Plummer £10 and Richard Batty Plummer £10.

To Elizabeth Ellis £25.

To Elizabeth Sophia Gale £10.

To James McCowan, son of Mary Gale, £10.

To Roberta Gale or Clare, the wife of William Clare, £10.

To my relation Caroline Booth £20.

To Mary Gran £10.

To Susanna Gail £5.

To Johanna Bide a slave.

To Mrs Rowe £8.

To Helen Turner, daughter of Ann Batty, £20.

To Ann Archer, the daughter of Eliza Clarke £20.

My executors to purchase the freedom of a Sambo girl child named Sophia Elizabeth Sale belonging to Belmont Estate in St John. To her an annuity of £10 pa for life.

Manumit my Negro woman slave named Mary Burke.

I desire that my slave named Edward Burke be at liberty to purchase his freedom at a reasonable valuation and that upon payment of such valuation I direct my executors to execute the necessary deed of a manumission. But should he be unable to purchase his manumission then I give and devise him to Elizabeth Sophia Gale for her life, and after her death to Elizabeth Ellis for her heirs and assigns forever.

My wearing apparel to be distributed amongst my sisters Elizabeth Sophia Gale, Roberta Gale or Clare and Bessy Gale.

Manumit my slave named Edward Gale from all slavery and servitude whatsoever.

To Elizabeth Sophia Gale my Negro girl slave named Johanna with her future issue and increase for and during her life and from her deceased Johanna with her issue to Elizabeth Ellis forever.

To Eliza Newell, half a dozen silver desert spoons and half a dozen silver tea spoons.

To Miss C. Lawrence a bed mattress, two pillows bolster and furniture, five silver tea spoons and four siver desert spoons.

To Miss Jane Park a top chaise, a pair of silver salt cellars and a silver fish slice.

To Mrs Mary Ann Dalhouse half a dozen chairs, a pair of half round tables, a large looking glass and half a dozen silver table spoons.

To William Shand a large dining table, half a dozen chairs, half a dozen silver spoons and a sideboard.

My house in Spanish Town and all my other real and personal estate to trustees James Gayleard and Malcolm McLeod of St Catherine Esquires and Alexander Lamont of Scotland Esquire that they should sell them and divide the profits amongst my children William Batty Shand, John Batty Shand, Richard Batty Shand, Robert Batty Shand, Milborough Batty Sandyman (the wife of [blank] Sandyman Esquire) and Frances Batty Shand in equal shares at age 21 or (for daughters) at marriage.

James Gayleard, Malcolm McLeod and Alexander Lamont to be executors.

Signed 07/04/1834.

Administration granted to John Batty Shand 03/11/1841.

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