Henry Frere

???? - 1792


Barbados slave-owner, whoses estate were indebted to the Lascelles. Reported by Hughes-Queree to be grandson of Thomas Applewhaite Frere from whom he reportedly inherited the Kingsland estate in 1749. The will of Tobias Frere II (q.v.) suggests the estate belonged first to Tobias Frere II and then to his brother Henry. No man named 'Thomas Applewhaite Frere' has yet been traced: it seems likely that this refers in fact to Thomas Applewhaite, the maternal grandfather of Tobias Frere II, Henry Frere and Applewhaite Frere.

  1. Will of Henry Frere of Christ Church Barbados proved 10/11/1792. Under the will his heir after monetary legacies was his grand-niece Dorothy Jones, daughter of his niece Elizabeth Susanna Jones (q.v.) and Robert Burnet Jones.


Barbados Department of Archives. Hughes-Queree Index of Plantation Owners.

  1. PROB 11/1224/222

Associated Estates (3)

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1770 [EA] - 1787 [LA] → Owner

S. D. Smith, Slavery, Family and Gentry Capitalism p. 266 shows Henry Frere buying Fortescues sometime before 1770 and giving it up to the Lascelles in 1787.

1749 [EA] - 1758 [LA] → Owner
1787 [EA] - 1787 [LA] → Previous owner

S. D. Smith, Slavery, Family and Gentry Capitalism p. 266 shows Henry Frere giving up Thickets to the Lascelles in 1787.

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Robert Burnet Jones's wife Elizabeth Susannah was the niece of Henry...