Richard Downes Haynes

18th Oct 1746 - 1793


Richard Downes Haynes (18 October 1746-January 1793; died in London), was born on the New Castle estate.
31 January 1768 married Ann Elcock (?-25 February 1781). (Her father, Grant Elcock was the overseer of the estate belonging to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in St John parish. He later bought the Buttals estate from the Hon. Judge Lyte.) Richard Downes’s 2nd marriage to Ann Walker, widow of Henry Walker, former owner of Walker's plantation, St George and subsequently the property of Edward Applewhite and also former owner of Golden Grove, later the property of William Grazette.

Haynes returned to England September 1782-April 1783, returned to Barbados, and then returned to England [at unspecified date]. died in London at 19, Warwick Court and was buried in St Andrew's Churchyard, Holborn.

For 15 years he had been a member for St John of the House of Assembly, Barbados, a Major-General of the Militia and Colonel of the Centre Regiment of Horse.

Robert Haynes wrote of his father's second marriage that it 'most unfortunate...particularly for [himself] who was almost ruined by her indolence and extravagance, her total neglect of all domestic concerns, and allowing her favourite slaves to rob and plunder to an unlimited extent...[though] she spent little on her own person...and she was also very benevolent to the poor'. (Notes by General Robert Haynes, p. 9)


Edmund C. Haynes, A. Percy Haynes and Edmund S. P. Haynes (eds.), Notes by General Robert Haynes of New Castle and Clifton Hall Plantations, Barbados, and other documents of family interest (London, n.d. [1912]).

Further Information

(1) Ann Elcock; (2) Ann Walker
Included Robert Haynes
Plantation owner

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1746 [EA] - 1793 [LA] → Owner

Haynes was born on the New Castle estate in 1746.

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