Main Swete Walrond of Antigua

1725 - 1790


Son of Theodore Walrond of Antigua (d. 1750) and Elizabeth Wills, father of Joseph Lyons Walrond (q.v.) and Main Swete Walrond 'of Manadan' (d. 1817) among others, and father-in-law of John Holloway (d. 1826), who has an entry in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography as 'naval officer and governor of Newfoundland.'

Walrond's son was also known as Main Swete Walrond (21 July 1758-16 May 1817). His first marriage in 1778 was to Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Andrew Chabart , Governor of Sint Eustatius (St. Eustacia), a Dutch Caribbean colony.


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