Charles Inman

1725 - 14th Aug 1767


Slave-trader (in partnership with Thomas Satterthwaite of Lancaster) and later merchant in Kingston Jamaica. Grandfather of Charles Inman of Spital Hall (1799-1858) and great-grandfather of William Inman (1825-1881) the Liverpool shipowner and philanthropist, who has an entry in the ODNB. It is not clear whether Charles Inman (1725-1767) owned estates and enslaved people in Jamaica and if so which ones and whom: antiquarian material alludes sceptically to 'Jamaica estates, while his inventory shows no enslaved people as part of his property at death. He died in Kingston Jamaica, where there was reported to be plaque to him and his partner Robert Preston (d. 1772 aged 26) which described both as from Lancaster.

  1. Robert Inman (1756-1823), the heir of Charles Inman (1725-1767) and a West India and timber merchant in Lancaster, built c. the 1790s the house on Great John Street in Lancaster that later became the Reform Club.

  2. The Charles Inman, 'insurance agent', who was named as an executor, alongside James Mark Wood and Netlam Tory's wife Eliza, in the will of Netlam Tory (q.v.) proved in 1855, was presumably the son of Charles Inman of Spital Hall (who is known to have had a son named Charles).

  3. Charles Inman of Kingston, merchant. Estate probated in Jamaica in 1768. Slave-ownership at probate: 0 of whom 0 were listed as male and 0 as female. 0 were listed as boys, girls or children. Total value of estate at probate: £3362.82 Jamaican currency of which £0 currency was the value of enslaved people. Estate valuation included £1084.23 currency cash, £2000 currency debts and £16.8 currency plate.


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(1) Susanna Casson (2) Mary Bowlby
With (2) Robert
Slave-trader then West India merchant

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Town house
Reform Club [Built] 
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Since c. 1881 the Reform Club in Lancaster, originally built as his home by Robert Inman, the son of Charles Inman...

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Thomas Lancaster Davies' daughter Decima married in 1853 Charles Inman of Spital Hall, the great grandson of the slave-trader Charles...
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Lancaster, Lancashire, North-west England, England

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