Herbert Newton Jarrett III

1765 - 8th Dec 1839


Son of Herbert Newton Jarrett II and his second wife Ann nee Allen. Born 1765. Educated at Westminster and Cambridge (St John's). Admitted to Lincoln's Inn 1785. Married Maria Berners, daughter of Charles Berners of Woolverstone Park, Suffolk, in 1793. Five children. In Jamaica 1790-2. Inherited Orange Valley estate from his father (entailed). After his marriage he rented Barningham Hall in Norfolk and afterwards rented Hobland Hall in Norfolk. Lived also at Hanover Square, London. Died while on a visit to Jamaica in 1829.

  1. Herbert Newton Jarrett III's daughter Maria (1798-1867) married John Penrice (1797-1844), who left £100,000 on his death in 1844. From Herbert Newton Jarrett's will proved in 1830, the couple appear to have sold back to Herbert Newton Jarrett III before his death the one-thirtieth interest in Orange Valley which he had settled on them in 1816.


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Further Information

Maria Berners
Herbert Newton V (1797-1879), Maria Catherine (1799-1867), Alicia (1800-1861), Wilfred Lawson (1803-1880), Mary Ann (1805-1836)

PROB 11/1768/270 - precis.

Herbert Newton Jarrett of Great Bromley in Essex Esquire.

To my wife Maria Jarrett my set of pearls and such of the colored stones among my jewels and also such one of my carriages as she may make choice of.

To my second son Wilfrid Lawson Jarrett such parts of my turning lathes and tools and philosophical apparatus and instruments as he may make choice of.

My late father Herbert Newton Jarrett deceased by his will written 07/09/1789 gave me his sugar plantation called Orange Valley, and several other pieces of land [various smaller ones described, with previous owners, including Campbell Town or Newton purchased from James Gordon, Harton Penn containing 437 acres purchased from Thomas Reid, and Jarrett Hall containing about 5 acres, and another piece containing 900 acres of its 1000 acre total the property of the heirs of Benjamin Lawrence, sold under a decree of Chancery and purchased by my father from Richard Samuels]. These estates were left for the use of me during my natural life, in the next place to confirm my marriage settlement and thirdly upon further trust to my lawful children in manner as I should by deed direct.

By my marriage settlement I have charged Orange Valley and the said pen lands hereintobefore mentioned with £1,000 per annum to my wife during her life in case she should survive me. By deed dated 13/05/1816 I have directed from my decease one undivided thirtieth part of the said plantation to my youngest son Wilfred Lawson Jarrett, another undivided thirtieth to my daughter Maria Catherine Penrice, wife of John Penrice Esquire, another undivided thirtieth to my daughter Alicia Jarrett, another to my daughter Mary Ann Jarrett, and all the rest and residue to my eldest son Herbert Newton Jarrett. My daughter Maria Catherine on her marriage received £5,500 and so released me from this bequest of one thirtieth.

On my marriage settlement dated 02/05/1793 all my wife's fortune consisting of £5,000 and a bond from him for £3,000 payable after the decease of her father Charles Berners, and a certain share in the sum of £7,000 consolidated bank annuities then standing in the name of Rev. Henry Berners in trust for the younger children of Charles Berners the elder, were all invested in trust for me to receive the dividends, interest and annual produce. On my death, the investments were to be paid to the children of myself and Maria Berners as I should decree. From this money, in the marriage settlement of my daughter Mary Catherine Jarrett I appointed to her the sum of £2,500. Now I direct that the residue of this money shall be equally divided between my son Wilfrid Lawson Jarrett and my daughters Alicia Jarrett and Mary Ann Jarrett. The undivided thirtieth of Orange Valley, now vested in me by purchase from John Penrice and Maria Catherine his wife, I leave in trust to pay the profits to my wife Maria Jarrett, and after her death to my son Wilfrid Lawson Jarrett. My son Herbert Newton Jarrett may, with the consent of my wife, buy this one-thirtieth in return for an annuity of £275 or such a sum as the trustees may consider to be the fair value.

My mansion house called Great Bromley in Essex in trust to my son Herbert Newton Jarrett, William Mitchell Kerr and William Rhodes James that they shall sell the house and land. To the same trustees, all my monies in funds of Great Britain, household furniture, and other personal estate. The profits to pay my just debts and thereafter upon trust to pay to my son Wilfrid Lawson Jarrett and my daughters Alicia Jarrett and Mary Ann Jarrett to be equal to the one thirtieth parts of Orange Valley as I previously settled upon them.

All residue upon trust to my son Herbert Newton Jarrett.

My penns or estates called Retirement, Bloomsbury and Jarrett Hall and a piece of land containing about ten acres purchased of the proprietors of Content Estate in Trelawny and St James in Jamaica, and all other real estate in trust to my son Herbert Newton Jarrett, William Mitchell Kerr and William Rhodes James to satisfy my just debts and then to my son Wilfrid Lawson Jarrett and daughters Alicia and Mary Ann for any sum remaining unpaid to them. My son Herbert Newton Jarrett to have the first offer for the purchase of these pens and premises. Any surplus of these monies upon trust to Wilfrid Lawson Jarrett. But should this property not be sold to meet these payments, then it should pass to my son Herbert Newton Jarrett. [Some further provision to ensure my second son and daughters receive these sums even if property will have to be mortgaged.]

Signed 29/10/1827.

Proved in London 13/03/1830 by Herbert Newton Jarrett Esquire and William Rhodes James Esquire.

Westminster School
Cambridge (St John's) [1782-1787 ]
Legal Education
Linvoln's Inn [1785 ]

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Great Bromley Lodge (now Hamilton Lodge), Rectory Road, Great Bromley, Colchester, Essex, South-east England, England
Hanover Square, London, Middlesex, London, England