Langford Millington

???? - 1807


'Planter-scientist', owner of Millingtons on St Vincent as well as unnamed and as yet fully unidentified estates on Barbados (but including the River estate), all of which he left to his nephew Thomas Crookenden (q.v.). Langford Millington was probably the 'Millington' shown as the original purchaser of the two parcels of 60 and 112 acres on St Vincent (Lots Nos. 42 and 43) that became Millington's estate, and one of the 'Millingtons' who purchased Lots Nos. 3 and 4 of 51 and 91 acres; Langford Millington also appeared as the original purchaser of 180 acres as Lot No. 3 in St Peter Dominica.

  1. Langford Millington was apprenticed to Charles Wheeler of Basinghall Street merchant, 03/10/1753.

  2. Buried at St Marylebone 18/05/1807. Will of Langford Millington of Berners Street St Marylebone (made in 1802) was proved 10/06/1807. He rehearsed the settlement on his present wife Eleanor of £500 p.a. secured on his estate called Rushford in Suffolk, and added £100 p.a., and secured both tranches on his Barbados estates as well as Rushford. He left £2000 to his wife and £1000 to her father. The rest of his estate he left to his issue if any: absent those, he left £100 to his nephew in law [?] Nathan Lucas, £3000 to his beloved niece Margaret Gibbons, an annuity of £50 p.a. to his sister-in-law Elizabeth Warner, and the remainder to his beloved nephew Thomas Crookenden.

  3. Under an indenture of 31/03/1770 Dr Patrick Connor mortgaged to Langford Millington 51 acres of land in St David and 11 named enslaved people to secure the £500 he owed to Millington; and under an indenture of 01/07/1769 John Edward Hamilton and his wife Anna mortgaged 100 acres in St David and 41 enslaved people to secure a debt of £4250 currency to Millington.


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Further Information

(1) Mary Maria Warren; (2) Eleanor Shermer

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Cultural (3)

Founder member
London Fever Hospital...... 
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Langford Millington appears as one of Vice-Presidents (with the Bishop of Durham Lord Sheffield, Walter Farquhar and William Wilberforce) of a new London institution to address contagious fevers,...
Royal Institution...... 
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Langford Millington was one of the 147 original Proprietors of the Royal Institution, with hereditary membership, Prospectus of the Royal Institution (1800), Appendix,...
Royal Society...... 
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For the full record of Millington's membership of the Royal Society see Royal...

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Uncle → Nephew
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Crookenden was also Millington's residuary heir, inheriting Rushford and estates in Barbados and probably on St Vincent. ...
Mortgagee → Mortgagor

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Berners Street, London, Middlesex, London, England