Samuel Long of St Kitts

???? - 9th Feb 1823


  1. Samuel was married to Mary Margaret Polina, daughter of John Rand (b. 6 February 1745) of Dominica.

  2. Samuel Long Esq. of Basseterre, St. Kitts died on 9 February 1823.

  3. Long's will was proved in the Court of Chancery on 15 May 1830. In the will he instructed an estate he had lately bought of Charles Pinney on Nevis called Governors be sold, without regard to the value of West India estates some years before. He left monetary legacies of some £2000 to friends and family payable after his mother and sisters had received £1500 from his estate. He gave his wife the right of disposal over their two portraits by 'Sir William Beachey.'

  4. The case of Rand v. MacMahon, which was heard on 16 March and 26 May 1842, involved Long's will: "A will was proved in the West Indies, and a duly authenticated copy of it was sent to this country, accompanied by an affidavit, made by one of the attesting witnesses when the will was proved, showing that the will has been executed and attested pursuant to the Statute of Frauds; and that copy was admitted to probate in this country, and was produced in the Court of Chancery, with the affidavit annexed to it. The Vice-Chancellor, however, refused to establish the will, without full proof of its due execution and attestation."

  5. In November of 1842 creditors of Samuel Long were told to prove their debts at the High Court of Chancery by 24 December 1842. This was advertised 'pursuant to a decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in two several causes Rand against McMahon and Rand against Hiscox.'


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Mary-Margaret-Polina nee Rand
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Portraits of Samuel Long and his wife, by Sir William Beechey. In his will of 1823, Samuel Long of St Kitts left his wife the power of disposal over their portraits by 'Sir William Beachey', which... 

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