Thomas Reid Linton

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Linton Park in Trelawny, Jamaica, was registered to the trustees and executors of Thomas Reid Linton in 1817. He was probably one of the heirs of Joseph Linton, to whom the property was registered in 1815-1817 in the almanacs.

  1. In 1825 Elizabeth Haughton Linton sought her freedom with that of her four children under the will of Thomas Linton. John Essington Nash, the surviving trustee of the will, testified that he could not free them because the estate was indebted, but that as legatee in right of his wife under the will of Linton's father he had no objection to freeing them. The Receiver, David M'Nish, said he would write to Messrs Mitchell in London, to whom the estate was indebted.


  1. PP 2 Feb-31 May 1826 Vol. XXVIII 'Papers and Returns Relating to the Salve Population in His Majesty's Colonies in the West Indies', pp. 497-8.

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