Richard Cooke Molineux

???? - 1818


Slave-owner on Montserrat, appearing in the Slave Registers as owner of an estate identified as Geralds. The estate named in his will as Molineux's has not yet been definitively linked to the estate called Molineux's for which compensation was paid to the Brades of Liverpool as mortgagees, but appears highly likely to be the same estate. Haynes or Hanes has not yet been identified.

  1. Will of Richard Cooke Molineux formerly of the island of Montserrat but now of Liverpool [made 27/10/1817] proved 19/01/1821. The will begins with the recital that under a deed of this 27th day of this present month of October [presumably 1817], Molineux was entitled to £398 from Henry Wilton of Liverpool and Elizabeth Molineux identified as spinster also of Liverpool, 'being the remainder of the consideration for the sale of all my real and personal estate and property in the island of Montserrat' to Henry Wilton and Elizabeth Molineux. He ratified that deed and left the estates - explicitly, the land, enslaved people and production facilities, including the equity of redemption - in St Anthony Montserrat 'formerly known as Finches afterwards Cookes and now called Molineux' and in St Peters Montserrat heretofore called Haynes, to Wilton and Elizabeth Molineux. Both had previously, he said, belonged to Richard Cooke. He left the £398 equally between his aunt Mrs Gerald, her daughter Maria Gerald and Elizabeth Molineux, while his residuary estate passed to Elizabeth Molineux and Henry Wilton.

  2. The Times in 1821 set out some background on the family in Montserrat, in reporting a court case in which 'Mrs Gerald' was prevented from leaving the jurisdiction of the English courts: A gentleman called Molineux of considerable property on the island of Montserrat had charged his estate called Geralds with an annuity of £330 p.a. to Mrs Gerald. He died intestate, leaving an infant son, to whom the estate descended subject to the annuity charged on it. Mrs Gerald had possession of the estate through the minority of the son, Richard Cooke Molineux, who on reaching his majority contracted to sell the estate to his relation Elizabeth Molineux, but did not live to complete the agreement. By his will he left the estate to the persons on whom the action was brought and his sister [sic] Elizabeth Molineux. During his minority, Mrs Gerald had enjoyed the profits of the estate and a debt [due from her] of £5000 had accrued. She had announced her intention to retire abroad: hence the court order.

  3. In 1851, Elizabeth Molineux merchant's widow aged 80 born Liverpool was living at 65 Croxteth Road with Elizabeth Molineux spinster aged 78 born West Indies.


  1. PROB 11/1638/259. There is a second will catalogued by TNA for Richard Cooke Molineux of Liverpool dated 04/09/1828, PROB 11/1745/166. The entry appears to record the grant of administration to Elizabeth Molineux, but the text of the will, made in 1818, is different from the will proved in 1821 under PROB 11/1638/259, and bequeaths Molineux's and Hanes [sic] to Mrs Elizabeth Molineux, described as the testator's aunt. Richard Cooke Molineux of Seymour Street was buried at Holy Trinity Church Liverpool 21/04/1818 aged 26 years,, Liverpool, England, Church of England Burials, 1813-1970 for Richard Cooke Molineux Liverpool, Holy Trinity 1813 - 1821 [database online].

  2. The Times 14/05/1821.

  3. 1851 census online.

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The linkage has yet to be confirmed between this estate and that willed by Richard Cooke Molineux.

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