Lewis Brotherson senior

???? - 1780


Slave-owner on St Kitts, presumed by LBS to have been the owner of Brothersons.

  1. Will of Lewis Brotherson of the island of St Christopher [made in 1775 and entered in 1780] proved 11/02/1783. In the will he instructed his body be put in a lead casket and shipped to be buried at Bromley, Kent alongside his wife Frances Hill Brotherson. He left £10,000 to his daughter Mary Hill Brotherson at 21. He disinherited his son Benjamin Markham Brotherson for marrying Ann Verchild, daughter of the late James Verchild deceased, 'against my consent', nevertheless leaving him an annuity of £100 p.a. and a contingent interest in the estate, which was put in trust, for the benefit of another son, also Lewis Brotherson, and his heirs. Lewis Brotherson the testator directed that William Manning should be consigned the produce of the West Indian estates, except 50 hogsheads, which were to go to Francis Degen [q.v.], one of the executors.

  2. In 1783, James George Verchild signed both on his own behalf and for Lewis Brotherson an address of planters and merchants of the West India islands to George III on the peace with the American colonies.


  1. PROB 11/1100.

  2. London Gazette 12422 11/03/1783 p. 2.

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Frances Hill
Mary Hill; Lewis; Benjamin Markham

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- 1780 [EY] → Owner

Inferred by LBS to have been the estate entailed by Lewis Brotherson senior on his son Lewis Brotherson jun. in his will made in 1775, entered in 1780 and proved in 1783.

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