Lt Col. Lachlan McLachlan

1762 - 1806


Slave-owner on Jamaica with his aunt Lady Elizabeth Stuart or Stewart (q.v.), and heir to Dugald McLachlan (q.v.).

  1. At London, aged 44 Lachlan McLachlan, late Lt Col. in 10th Foot.

  2. Will of Lachlan Mac Lachlan of Enfield Middlesex [made in 1803] proved 23/09/1806. He opened the will by rehearsing that under the will of Alexander McLachlan late of Trelawny and afterwards of Charlotte Street Rathbone Place dated 12/04/1783, Alexander McLachlan had left his estate in trust to his brother Dugald McLachlan for life and then to Lachlan McLachlan. He [Lachaln McLachlan] was owner of half of an estate called Reserve in Trelawny and also half of a Pen called Quaw's Pond in Trelawny, which he left to his own son named Alexander. He left an annuity £300 p.a. to his wife Mary over and above the settlement on her by her [sic] aunt Lady Stewart 'on our marriage', issuable and payable out of all his estate.


  1. Scots Magazine Vol. 68 (1806) p. 727.

  2. PROB 11/1449/193.

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1796 [EA] - 1804 [LA] → Joint owner

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Nephew → Uncle
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Lachlan McLachlan was also the residuary her of his uncle Dugald...
Nephew → Uncle
Deceased Husband → Widow
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Enfield, Middlesex, South-east England, England