Robert Ingram

1759 - 1816


Son of John Ingram (q.v.). Part-owner of Harmony Hall estate in St James, Jamaica.

  1. Harmony Hall was owned in 1798 by John Ingram senior (Scottish-born merchant of Brighton, Sussex) and his son Robert Ingram (merchant of Billiter Square, London, born in Scotland in 1759): "Deed between Robert Ingram of London, merchant and John Ingram of Brighton, co. Sussex Esq. This relates to land and plantation sugar works in the parish of Trelawny in the county of Cornwall and Island of Jamaica and called Harmony Hall containing about 800 acres also 450 acres and called James's Valley. This is in fine state with signature and seal of Robert Ingram, dated 1798." John senior of Brighton, Sussex, died in 1800. His will was proved by his widow Janet Findlay; and mentions his son Robert (a merchant in London), son-in-law Joseph Travers (q.v., grocer, who had married Jane or Janet Ingram 14/03/1781). Robert Ingram, formally of Billiter Square London now of Bethnall Green Middlesex, died 10/02/1816: in his will he mentions his friend James Cunningham, one of his executors and also George and John Cunningham. Harmony Hall is shown as held by the Hon James Cunningham and George Cunningham up to and including the 1816 Jamaica Almanac: Joseph Travers first appears in the 1818 Jamaica Almanac.

  2. Robert Ingram's natural son, Robert Hugh Wilson Ingram, became a barrister and died 29/01/1869 leaving a personal estate under £25,000. He had been named as residuary legatee and executor but he declined to stand as executor.


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  2. National Probate Calendar 1869 and 1870.

Further Information

[With Julia Wilson] Robert Hugh Wilson Ingram (1792-)

PROB 11/1578/396 - precis.

Robert Ingram of Bethnall Green in Middlesex, merchant.

Manumit the mulatto slave Charlotte Martin (now living in Harmony Hall) in accordance with the wishes of my late brother Hugh Ingram.

To my friend James Cunningham of Montego Bay, Jamaica, £500 sterling.

All rest and residue of my estate in Britain and Jamaica to my natural son Robert Hugh Wilson Ingram, born of Julia Wilson late of Weymouth Street, Marylebone and christened Robert Hugh, when he reached the age of 21 years on 27/06/1813.

My son, John Cunningham of Montego Bay and James Cunningham to be executors. The latter two to be guardians of my son until he reaches age 21.

Signed 19/09/1809.

Codicil dated 20/02/1813. Robert Ingram of Vauxhall, Surrey. John Cunningham of Montego Bay holds diverse sums of money in trust for my son Robert Hugh Wilson Ingram and the same is annually increasing. Messrs Robert Shedden and Sons, merchants and underwriters in London also hold a large sum of money in trust to my said son and the same is annually increasing, subject to a declaration that the same and all sums to be added thereto are to stand as a further security for the payment of their mortgage debt upon Harmony Hall in Jamaica. By my said will I gave £500 to James Cunningham of Montego Bay. I now bequeath to my son Robert Hugh Wilson Ingram such a sum of money as together with the several sums which shall be in the hands of John Cunningham and Messrs Robert Shedden and Sons in trust for him will make the full sum of £3000 sterling.

To Julia Wilson £30 p/a for life. My executors to invest a sufficient sum in the public funds of Great Britain to provide a fund for this payment.

There is some property consisting of negro slaves and their offspring which James Cunningham holds in trust to pay me the interest and produce thereof during my life and subject then to in trust for my son Robert Hugh Wilson Ingram absolutely. To prevent all disputes concerning the identity of these negroes I think it proper to insert the names of the parents which are as follows: Goodrich, Ingram, Travers, August, Janet, Sarah, Queen, Margaret, Mary, Katherinem Julier and Dolly.

All rest and residue to my son Robert Hugh Wilson Ingram. My son and John Cunningham, James Cunningham and George Cunningham to be executors.

Codicil dated 19/04/1813. Revoke previous executors, appoint my son Robert Hugh Wilson Ingram sole executor.

Proved in London 20/03/1816 by Jane Travers (wife of Joseph Travers Esquire) the natural and lawful sister and only next of kin, Robert Hugh Wilson Ingram having first renounced.


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Vauxhall, London, Surrey, London, England
Bethnal Green, London, Middlesex, London, England
25 Tonbridge Place, New Road, Brunswick Square, London, Middlesex, London, England
Billiter Square, London, Middlesex, London, England